All Is Forgiven, Please Come Home

Bobby Schilling has made an interesting choice for campaign manager.

Steve Shearer, who was once Aaron Schock’s chief of staff, was lately involved in organizing an effort to use union money to defeat Bruce Rauner in the primary. Shearer is such a class act he compared Rauner to both jailbirds–Ryan and Blago. After this little foray into union politics, it was assumed Shearer was done with the GOP.

But no. Schilling personally called and asked him to run his campaign and since Shearer was eager to get another GOP paycheck he said yes.

Has Shearer ever run a campaign that wasn’t AGAINST a Republican?

With a campaign manager like Shearer, what could possibly go wrong?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “All Is Forgiven, Please Come Home”

  1. Here’s the account at QCOnline wherein Shearer is painted as The King Of Dirty Tricks, which just may be what Schilling needs to win!

    Schilling has a habit of hiring out-of-the-box people; when he got to congress in ’11 he took on Scott Tranter and Mike Roman as CoS and policy director—which blew up two months after they were hired.

    Tranter is a real piece of work—at a Pew forum after the ’12 election, he proudly stated that Voter ID and long voting lines were a GOOD THING for the GOP. Of course the leftwingers jumped on this pronto, as it confirmed their belief that the GOP is full of racists.


    It looks like The Flawless ™ is about to get much more interesting.

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