You Don’t Have To Be Detached From Reality To Be An Illinois Pro-Life Extremist…

but it helps!

Amazingly, the pro-life wackos will be protesting Rauner’s appearance tomorrow in Rockford and call that “good Catholic” Pat Quinn better on the abortion question than Rauner.

Is this some sort of shadow Dem organization created to suppress turnout in November? Does anyone remember what happened to pro-life gubernatorial candidate Brady in the last election?

In a deep blue leftwing state that is going down the financial swirly, is abortion really what the GOP should focus on? Even Father-Of-10-Kids Bobby Schilling has moderated his abortion stance to the mainstream.

I used to be nominally pro-life, but the extremism demonstrated by the frothing-at-the-mouth right-to-lifers has completely turned me off:

“Together we can show Bruce Rauner…that every child in the womb is loved by God and is our sister and brother.”

Especially if Quinn gets another term and “every child in the womb” born is forced to pay for Quinn’s leftwing policies.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Illinois governor has absolutely NO authority to unilaterally ban abortion in the State O’ Illinois.

But froth on sisters and brothers—your cause is just.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “You Don’t Have To Be Detached From Reality To Be An Illinois Pro-Life Extremist…”

  1. “Is this some sort of shadow Dem organization”

    yeah … I wonder about that as well. Well placed rabble rousers stir up many “I wanna prove how ‘Christian’ I am” idiots. Every sperm is sacred … and even the twinkle in the father’s eye should not be denied. But I’m sure good American Catholics disobeyed their pope for decades on birth control, and even abortion … but don’t ask, don’t tell.

    If they think government should be involved in converting people to their belief, they should at least be pragmatic and not lose elections by demanding absolutist abortion law. Why not start with reducing late term, viable baby abortion? And yeah, what has good Catholic governor Quinn done to stop late abortions in Illinois?

    What did we get from Italy but the mafia and a church that says “send your money here for more gold accoutrements”? Are those two organizations related?

    Oh, and only the Pope can speak for God, and tell his people what to think. I guess their pope/god now allows fish on Friday, and sermons aren’t in Latin. And the new pope does not judge on homosexual marriage, and seems to support forced government “social(ist) justice”.

    Most of Catholic ritual is from pagan tradition
    … but I digress. I no longer believe the Bible is absolutely correct, but the history and current position of these (leftist?) religions is still relevant. One “holy” leader of 1.2 billion people is a little scary, especially when he preaches social justice. 🙂

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