A Mighty Pen And Phone Is Our God

Obama is pushing the Senate Democrat plan of allowing those with student loans to refinance at a lower rate courtesy of the taxpayers. The GOP is pushing back saying this program would add another $51B to an already overloaded government. But in true liberal style, Obama says it’s only (other people’s) money:

“And while Congress decides what it’s going to do, I will keep doing whatever I can without Congress to help responsible young people pay off their loans—including new action I will take this week.”

Whoo-eee, can’t wait for that new, exciting executive overreach by our Dictator in Chief designed not to fix the problem but to get more votes for Democrats.

Of course Obama would never attack the real problem with college—that it is too damned expensive because of administrative bloat–he would rather attack the lenders, since academia is one his most ardent supporters—both vote wise and $$$$ wise.

But there are alternatives offered as suggested in this Chicago Tribune editorial:

“…colleges that benefit from subsidized loan money should be liable for part of the debt if a student defaults: Schools would have incentives to accept applicants who have a reasonable chance of graduating—and to warn prospective and enrolled students, loudly, that college loan money isn’t free”.

As it stands colleges don’t care if you major in basket weaving or gender studies, if you’re borderline retarded or the head of your class—they get their $$$ either way. If the schools had some skin in the game, well the game would change, wouldn’t it?

And the onus would be on the schools not the taxpayers.

A Win-Win!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “A Mighty Pen And Phone Is Our God”

  1. Not only does academia love their tenure, cushy hours, and enamored co-eds, but the majority are still radicals from the 60’s, pushing their crap on students, and silencing conservatives. College has become basic training for the “blame America first” army.

    “The liberal-arts curricula are likewise fossils of the 1960s, the era of their professors’ race, class, and gender activism. Such therapeutic courses short the very skills — written and oral proficiency, historical knowledge, and math and science mastery — that alone prepare graduates for a chance at a successful career trajectory. ….

    The Internet, tech schools, and correspondence courses are already eroding the monopolies of the campus. Whether the academic establishment likes it or not, a new generation of leadership will have to ensure equal pay for equal work, an end to lifetime sinecures, a new way of assessing university achievement, transparency in budgeting and admissions, political balance and tolerance, and a complete overhaul of the liberal-arts curriculum.”


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