Live A Little, Be A Gypsy, Get Around

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Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Live A Little, Be A Gypsy, Get Around”

  1. Good advice—it’s a failed state on our southern border and the feds do nothing.

  2. Gonna have a butter pie? LOL, I missed the McCartney reference in the title. Good thing you weren’t quoting Revolution # 9 backwards – considering standard Internet decorum the whole Paul is Dead might have gotten revived.

    Since I seem to be rambling I noticed that the music being played starting around the 6:30 mark seemed to be similar to the tones used to talk to the aliens in “Close encounters of the Third Kind”. Does this mean Spielberg/Williams are Revolution #9 devotees?

    Oh and just in case some of the readers are practicing Catholic, I am including a Lancashire Butter Pie Recipe, though if they truly are avoiding meat on Friday they might want to substitute vegetable shortening for the lard.

    Lancashire Butter Pie


    Serves four

    For the pastry

    225g/8oz Plain flour

    50g/2oz Butter, salted or unsalted; you can adjust seasoning to taste at the table

    50g/2oz Lard, vegetable fat, or dripping

    A pinch of salt, if used, and white pepper

    Ice cold water

    For the filling

    3 Large potatoes a King Edward/Maris Piper type

    1 Large onion

    50g/2oz Butter, plus 100g/4oz for softening the onions


    1. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and stir in the butter and lard (I tried with all butter and found this microwaved really well, about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the wattage, for each quarter of a pie).

    Using your fingertips, or a fork, incorporate in the butter until it resembles fine crumbs, then drizzle in just enough cold water to make the pastry form a ball, pop into a plastic bag, press out the air, and leave in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.

    2. Meanwhile, peel the three large potatoes and the onion, cut the potato into thick slices, a little thicker than a pound coin, and the onion in to half rings. Parboil the potatoes until they are just soft but still holding their shape, about 8-10 minutes. Saute the onions, over a low heat, in the butter until soft, but not browned, as this will spoil the end flavour.

    3. Roll out about two thirds of the pastry, to line a pie dish, and trim the edges.

    4. Drain the potatoes, let the steam leave the pan, then, in the lined pie dish, layer the potatoes, onions and butter flakes, season with salt and white pepper and top off with the rolled remains of the pastry, stab the top to make air vents.

    5. Bake at 180 degrees for about half an until golden, and serve immediately, with pickled red cabbage.

  3. While listening to the song the “Flawless” part of the Schilling Flawless Campaign hit me. Actually he and Bustos are running very similar “Flawless” campaigns. They both are running their campaigns in silent mode. If they speak no evil – their normal political prattle can’t be used against them on the campaign trail. Schilling evidently must have forgotten that the “Silence is Golden” method of campaigning was already the Bustos format that beat him the first time. Hey Booby – she ain’t “foot in the mouth disease” Philobluster Hare. In fairness she is basically the Progressive leaning Doppelganger of Schilling. I guess flawless must equal silence. But it has already proven a losing format for Shilling – he needs to up his game if he really wants to win. I actually get more political motivation from Reyes as he stays busy on Facebook posting. Personally I think the Republican Party leaders see Schilling as the new and slightly improved version of the Andrea Zinga sacrificial lamb. My guess is they want to use Schilling as the lamb while they either find a new face or the Reyes scandal blow over into the short-termed memory of voters. Hey it workedfor Billy Bob Clinton and his scandals.

  4. S, you continue to amaze me. I had no idea such a thing as Butter Pie existed, let alone an actual recipe—I always thought it was just some Beatles made up thing like Fish and Finger Pie. 😉


    As for The Flawless ™ I agree 100%. I saw something today on Illinois Review about Schilling denouncing the closings of some Cat plants in Sterling and Dixon and blaming Bustos. I didn’t even consider it as blogging material. If congresspersons in the 17th CD had ever been held accountable for plant closings in the district, Lane Evans would have lost his job long before he got Parkinsons.

    The problem isn’t congress, it’s Springfield, but Schilling had to say something—-otherwise, as you say, he would have nothing but silence caused by fear of making a mistake.


    Also agree with you about Reyes, but isn’t this a bit harsh:

    “Personally I think the Republican leaders see Schilling as the new and slightly improved version of Andrea Zinga.”

    Oh snap! 😀

  5. I bet Schilling pulls this off. I’ve heard rumblings that he has 13-15 staffers across the district and that they are purposefully staying under the radar before blowing up huge around August.

    Bustos is probably doing the same thing, but it could get interesting.

  6. HA-Ha I didn’t know of butter pies either, until I started researching the song lyrics. It has been a longtime since I heard McCartney mumbling that song. The butter pies sound tasty and very similar to things my family has made when I was a kid. When you grow up poor you have to learn to make do. Potatoes, onions flour and leftover fats were often part of our kitchen staples. Some of my favorite dishes left over from my childhood are very inexpensive dishes made to fancy-up our meals like poormans pie!

    Of course ,y ancestors poorman pies were usually dump-jobs with few actual measurements and ingredients changing due to cupboard stocks. And cream was an even rarer option. In our “recipes” usually milk or even evaporated milk were the dairy used, when we cooked.

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