Would you pay $1,000 once to get free beer for life?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

18 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. Nice idea .. builds customer loyalty with 118 small investors right off the bat. They say they are only giving away 17 beers a day. Investors like me would cost them a little more in interest. 🙂

  2. If you continue posting stories nobody cares about, you will lose your position as “Best Illinois Political Blog in Texas!” Come on QCE you are letting Illinois down.

  3. OK Randy, I give up—you tell me what stories you care about.

    I’m open to suggestions—although they won’t get acted on until next week.

    Subjects that bore me and will not be blogged about:

    1. Abortion

    2. George W. Bush

    3. Boom/Broom/Bloom

    4. Reyes bashing

    5. How awesome the RICO Dems are.

    Annnnd goooooo!

  4. I would enjoy reading comments about:

    1. The Mighty Mississippi
    2. How John Deere started in Rock island County
    3. John O’Donnell Stadium
    4. WPA and it’s role in the Illinois QCs
    5. Western Illinois University @ Moline/impact
    6. Unique architecture in the QCs
    7. Plants native to Illinois, but not Texas
    8. How coal and nuclear power became “King in Illinois”
    9. Rock Island’s John Looney
    10. How did the Swedes get to Moline
    11. Girls softball in the QCs
    12. The Human Face of Big Data
    13, How to collect the best silver coins
    14. Rock Island Line: Demise and return
    15. Why do Texans think a seven-course meal is a possum and a six-pack?

    Hope this helps.

    Aaaand gooo…..

  5. ZZzzzzzzz Maybe it would be best if you started your own blog Randy—I recommend WordPress. 😀

  6. How about running a post on the Dow running up to almost 17,000 and what that represents for America.

  7. So how do I access the site.
    I am sure that you will let me respond to questions and censor if I so desire. as well

  8. Nice scam. However, if you are serious, there is a WordPress link in the meta section of my blogroll and you can easily set up your own blog where you can explore topics that interest you and you can “censor if [you] so desire.”

    I was thinking you could use the comment section of this post for your discussion, but you obviously had bigger things in mind—and a different agenda.

    We obviously aren’t interested in the same things—time for you to move on.

  9. Anyone who wouldn’t pay a thousand dollars for unlimited beer for life at their neighborhood bar doesn’t live an exciting enough life.

    I mean, that’s like what? … Ten tabs?? Maybe eleven???

    Heh heh. 😉

  10. DOW 17,000 on ZIRP … manipulated ZERO interest rate policy since December 2008, stealing from savers, so DOW goes up as people are driven with cattle prods into higher risk. Then when China et al. wouldn’t buy enough inflated currency bonds, the fed did something else “unprecedented”.

    Quantitative Easing, where they just pretended to buy $4 trillion in bonds. This also steals from savers, even if you have your cash in a mattress, the value is diluted … another invisible tax on savings.

    This is all fine on appearances, so long as the economy is weak and inflation doesn’t become too apparent … though if you look at gas and food prices, you see real inflation. And the stock market is another place where inflation appears. We have stagflation … and historic manipulation of the currency and markets. It will not end well.

    Yeah, Bush did it too … remember Obama declaring Bush was borrowing on the children’s credit cards, and it was immoral and anti-American. Yet Obama has now done it twice as much, PLUS has started QE at a trillion a year. Obama breaks every promise … and was never sincere in the first place.

    so $4 trillion in 8 years was unpatriotic for Bush, but Obama has added $9 trillion in 6 years, on top of that, all by his lonesome.

  11. So true—if hypocrisy was a crime, all politicians would be in prison.

    Which might be a good thing! 😀

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