Quick! Look Over There! Two Guys Making Out!

Illinois Review:

“On the day same-sex marriage became legal throughout Illinois, dozens of LGBT activists criticized Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner for what they believe is his opposition to marriage redefinition…In an open letter…the signers wrote that they ‘know the real Bruce Rauner’ and argue if the socially moderate Rauner is elected governor he will work to ‘block new [gay] legislation and erode the existing laws’ protecting same sex marriage.”

Go to the link for the entire letter, but it is mostly the usual over-the-top twaddle these people has been dishing for years—I’m sure a bunch of liberal LGBT activists “know the real Bruce Rauner”.

Of course even though they got what they wanted this year when SSM passed, it is never over for activists and anyone who really believed their mindless hype that it was all about being with who love and civil rights justifiably got bamboozled big time because they are marching on to bigger and better things—possibly like the uni-sex bathrooms they have in Houston.

Obviously not one of these signers will be voting for Rauner, so this is their attempt to goad Rauner into a Pickett’s Charge on social issues instead of his preferred focus on what hurts the Democrats—taxes, unemployment, jobs leaving the state, etc.

I assume he has anticipated this and will have an appropriate reply—at another Rauner event someone—who I assumed was a Democrat plant, demanded to know his stance on abortion. Shades of Brady!

If he doesn’t have a plan to squash these moves, he needs to get one pronto. And if social conservatives feel their needs aren’t being met by Rauner and sit home on election day—they deserve another four years of Quinn and Democrat controlled legislature and courts.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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