The Woz Effect

In a fit of candor, powerful Illinois Democrat poobahs said as far as making the “temporary” tax increase permanent, it ain’t over until we say it is:

“Local lawmakers say failed efforts to make a temporary state income tax permanent may have the proposal reappear after the November elections.”

Really? They are saying a vote for Democrats in November is a vote for more taxes? There must be some special holiday from reality in Springfield to inspire “local lawmakers” to say something so stupid.

But speaking of stupid, here is the reax from the QC “local lawmakers”:

State Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs who wouldn’t say how he would vote on the increase, but still left no doubt:

“…not extending the higher tax rate means Illinoisians next year may see the single largest tax decrease in Illinois’ history, and the lowest rate in the Midwest.”

This could only be seen as a bad thing by an Illinois liberal Democrat. And further:

“We are putting pressure on future general assemblies…They’re going to have to make tough decisions.”

So what? Gaia forbid those we send to Springfield should be forced to “make tough decisions” rather than spend all their time voting for National Cupcake Day. Jeez! Pathetic and SERIOUSLY out of touch.

On to the 72nd where Pat “The Weasel” Verschoore said he would have to see how things “play out” before voting to extend the tax increase. But unfortunately for The Weasel, he gives away the game with this quote:

‘I think everybody knows that next year, if we don’t do something, there is going to be a really big hole in the budget…No matter who the governor is, they’re going to have some type of revenue increase.”

So it’s obvious we can put both Jacobs and Verschoore in the “vote for more tax when its safe” category.

However, here’s the 71st Mike Smiddy, whose seat was bought with union money, but is more afraid of The Woz than his Big Labor paymasters:

” The state needs to keep its promise to the residents of Illinois and let the tax increase expire…That is why I strongly oppose Gov. Quinn and Speaker (Mike) Madigan’s attempt to make the higher income tax permanent…Illinois families cannot afford to continue paying for Springfield’s broken promises.”

You’ll notice neither Jacobs nor Verschoore mentioned “families” or the “promise” on taxes—because they don’t have to. Their elections are virtually assured—Smiddy’s, not so much.

This is what I call The Woz Effect.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “The Woz Effect”

  1. Get a clue. It’s not the Woz effect.

    The district was conceded and drawn for a Repub. The problem is that Morthland didn’t campaign b/c he thought it was in the bag and the Obama effect in 2012.

    It’s Woz’s seat to lose I admit, but heck we could have run Bill Broom and won the seat. (That’s saying a lot)

  2. Get a clue. Big Labor paid Big Bucks to buy Smiddy’s seat and they will pay big bucks for him to keep it. The idea that “we could have run Bill Broom and won the seat” at least this year is absurd.

  3. Representative Mike Smiddy will win this seat. It was set up by Rep Morthland as a safe Republican district but the Big Unions will WORK their man Representative Mike Smiddy and run over The Woz!

  4. I don’t know what Republican Billionair Bruce’s plan is, but I do know Democrat Senator Mike Jacobs, Rep. Pat Verschoore and Afscme Representative Mike Smiddy voted FOR the largest TAX DECREASE in Illinois history!

  5. Yeah, they were FOR the tax increase before they were against it and will be FOR it again after the November election.

  6. Rep Mike Smiddy does it again and stands to House Democratic Party Boss Mike Madigan and steps up for the fair map.

    Fair map will take the mapping out of the legislators hands and into the hands of the bureauocrats.

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