The Iowegians Pile On

QCTimes, after listing 10 RICO scandals, editorializes:

“Unfortunately, these problems are deeper than voters can fix. Voters would have to find at least 13 candidates untouched by these mismanagement scandals, get that board majority into office and begin the years-long process of reform…We urge [Rock Island County State’s Attorney John] McGehee to seek investigation assistance to get to the bottom of the pressing scandals and determine if outside emergency intervention is needed to supplant elected leaders too conflicted to lead effectively.”

Harsh words, but well deserved. But while the RICO Dems deservedly get the most blame, let’s get real about the RICO GOP.

For decades Bell, Meersman, Getz, Carpentier, etc. laid down and played dead for the powerful RICO Dems. It seemed to be too much trouble to actually field candidates to the county board to oppose the Democrats because…Gianulius.

Or something.

The old saw is people get the government they deserve, and the fact that the public allowed the RICO GOP to operate as a social club rather than a muscular political party, is to their shame.

This is what you wanted—and you got it.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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