The Flawless Fires Up

Yesterday Bobby Schilling held a press conference to kick-off his Veterans For Bobby campaign. Some of the highlights, according to QCOnline:

***called on VA Secretary Shinseki to resign

***used “fox guarding the henhouse” analogy to criticize Bustos’ credulity over statements made by the Iowa City VA director saying everything was hunkey-dory, nothing to see here, move along

***Schilling handled 2000 VA claims while in office, with 90% finished

***touted his bill to allow vets to use any private hospital, although I have seen information that this has been allowed since the Clinton administration, but whatever

***testimonials by vets on Schilling’s efficiency in fixing problems and how Bustos was a massive clusterfark.


As far as I can tell, this is the official kick-off of The Flawless Campaign ™ because except in a few instances, Schilling seemed to be operating in the shadows.

So it begins. Don’t judge Schilling by the usual standards—judge him by The Flawless.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

20 thoughts on “The Flawless Fires Up”

  1. Looks like the Eastep family with OxBow in Bettendorf have contributed about 10 grand to Bob Schilling’s campaign in the last couple years.

  2. Big hit for Bustos…

    Bustos announce $756,000 investment for Mississippi River ferryboat terminal in MolineWASHINGTON, D.C.

    – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) announced a $756,350 federal investment that will go to the Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District for the construction of a new Channel Cat Passenger Ferryboat Terminal on the Mississippi River in Moline. The

    Read more:

  3. Mrs. Santa Claus is coming to town ahead of the election.

    Wowser! I am so impressed that Bustos is buying votes with OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY!!!

  4. Bustos brought home the bacon. Too bad Schilling didn’t bring home the 74-bridge and let it go to St. Louis.

  5. Bustos for POTUS!!111!!!

    Jeez, you people are lame—you’d have to be brain dead or a Democrat to believe this was Bustos’ doing rather than an effort that spanned decades—literally.

  6. Schilling let Rep Costello jump in front of him and build a bridge in StLouis instead of delivering the I74 bridge.

    Congressperson Cheri Bustos godfather is US Senator Dick Durbin and is able to deliver where Schilling failed.

    Schilling has no chance and his pizza place has no one ever there.

  7. Mr Reyes, maybe you missed it but the Mississippi River is our biggest asset.

    Congresswomen Cheri Bustos is making the river travel a reality for years to come.

    Ed. Note: lame talking point, repeated multiple times, about how Verschoore, Smiddy and Jacobs are going to “give” us our 67% tax increase back deleted.

  8. Julie,

    I can walk across the bridge faster than you can stand in line to get on the ferry and then float across the river at the speed of poop.

    That’s not an exaggeration. This is an even stupider waste of money than low-speed rail to Chicago. If I wanted to take over four hours to get to Chicago, I’d just take a public-union operated bus and ensure that the driver takes as many breaks as typically allowed in Illinois government union contracts. 😉

  9. Note to Mr. Flea-Bag: please come up with a new, fresh and more interesting shtick. You have been beating that dead horse so long the buzzards have finally picked the carcass clean.

    Time to move on or move out.

  10. But you don’t block Julie’s posts?

    I’m not attacking anybody or saying anything defaming/false?

    Is this blog now censored if you personally don’t agree with the opinion/nature of the post?

    I’m calling Alex Jones!

  11. How do you know I’m not blocking Julie? But you are correct—she is just as tiresome and inane as you.

    You get to say your piece once; if you feel it is necessary to repeat the same tired talking point over and over, you have lost the argument—and any hope of winning converts.

    Also, you’re boring.

  12. There are no converts here. There are only trolls, damn trolls, and statistics.

    Thanks for the statistics, QCE!

  13. I totally disagree with block puppet. This blog is as relevant as a Texas resident can be in a Illinois QC blog.

    Mrs Examiner is doing her best to evoke change and look at what she accomplished just in the last few months.

    Mrs Examiner ratcheted up the the pressure on the local pols and got them to reduce taxes by 67% making Illinois the best it can be.

    If this isn’t changing people’s mind I do not know what is. We all know the local rags did not put the pressure on these pols.

    Mrs Examiner is a great Texas star changing The Illinois QC one reader at a time.

  14. I have never rode the channel cat., When I was a kid we used to ride a real ferry (it carried cars, straight trucks and other traffic needing to get across the Ohio River). 🙂 While I am sure it was not traveling much faster than the “speed of poop” it didn’t seem so while crossing the river. But unlike locally the closest bridge taking traffic to Paducah was many miles away.

  15. The only ferries I rode were in Wisconsin and in Calhoun County Illinois, when I was vacationing after Hare’s defeat. Right there and then I decided if I ever was in a position to hide from the law (or what/who ever) I would hideout in Calhoun County, Illinois.

    It’s probably a pain for the locals, but for me, it was back-to-the-future charming.

    It was primitive and loved it!

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