All In The Family


“The Rock Island County Board’s [Republican] caucus is requesting a special prosecutor be assigned to investigate allegations in a whistleblower lawsuit filed last week by a former county employee…an independent investigation is needed because the State’s Attorney John McGehee is responsible for both defending the lawsuit and investigating on behalf of the state. The conflict of interest makes appointment of a special prosecutor necessary, the Republicans said.”

To say nothing of the fact that if there is to be any justice, it will have to be found outside the Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub.

Bravo GOP RICO Board members for showing some spine rather than the usual go along to get along mentality that has poisoned and destroyed your party for decades.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “All In The Family”

  1. With the RI County Board talkiing about closing down Hope Creek due to lack of tax funds, I find it ridiculous Republicans want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on a special prosecutor.

  2. From the link:

    “…Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund officials told [the whistleblower] a county plan to use wages
    paid to members of the Forest Preserve Committee for pension purposes was illegal.”

    So rooting out fraud and corruption doesn’t save money in Randy’s world—don’t ask, don’t tell does.

    I love the smell of Democrat hysterical spin in the afternoon.


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