is just another word for retreat in Illinois.

The Illinois Democrat leadership, having got too far over their skis by assuring one and all that the “temporary” tax would be permanent and a done deal, retreated into compromise and the middle road by Mike Madigan telling his minions to devise a budget that allowed for no tax increases but also no draconian Doomsday Washington Monument Syndrome cuts.

This move has been framed as a “kick the can” move, which I suppose it is, but it is also astonishing because of the fact that for once the Democrats appear to be more afraid of the taxpayers than the unions, which have been agitating for the permanent tax increase.

This move also makes the choice for governor more stark: vote for Quinn and you’ll get a slam-dunk tax increase; vote for Rauner and while you might get a surprise, at least you won’t get the status quo.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on “Doomsday…”

  1. Illinois Mirror has a better take on the sea change in Illinois government over the last three years with a bonus Milton Friedman quote:

    “The right way to solve things is by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.”

    IM describes what has transpired over the last three years:

    “In 2011, House Speaker Mike Madigan got what he and Gov. Pat Quinn wanted. The tax hike passed both chambers of the legislature….Not a single Republican voted for it. Three years later, Mike Madigan can no longer find the willing votes just within his Democrat caucus to make it permanent.”

    It might be, even with gerrymandering, that the coming election will finally be a “change” election in Illinois.

    If so, it is a long time coming, to say the least.

  2. GOP Illinois Rep. Bob Pritchard pushes back on the Democrat talking point the GOP has no ideas and is The Party Of No ™ :

    “Republicans… pointed out the many spending lines that were too high and thus left too little for important services of the state…there is much more that can be trimmed from this budget without affecting vital services…but the Governor nor Speaker Madigan have wanted to entertain a debate…So when you hear that Republicans have no ideas and just want to say “no”…remember the facts.”

    Not that “facts” ever mattered to Democrats who were on a quest for more taxpayer $$$$, but still, pushback from false memes and repeating the truth, over and over is of major importance if the GOP intends to make inroads to Dem dominance.

    And let’s get real here—if wealthy men like Rich Miller get taxpayer subsidies, you know damned well there is a hell of a lot of fat and pork in the budget for the purpose of corruption, cronyism and graft.

  3. Already the fear mongering and fear mongers are in full cry:

    Cullerton spox: “It’s still going to feel very draconian…”

    Tax increase enthusiast, fear monger and taxpayer $$$$ recipient Rich Miller:

    “Without an increase to payroll and health insurance lines, the state may very well be forced to lay off workers.”

    Hmmm, how about since Big Labor was such a big cheerleader for Obamacare, put all public employees on Obamacare–it’s a Win-Win. Union workers get their subsidized healthcare but Illinois taxpayers are off the hook!

    Hey Rich! Why not donate your taxpayer subsidy to the downtrodden union workers?

  4. Shout-out to Sen. Mike Jacobs, state Rep. Pat Verschoore and Mike Smiddy for cutting the income tax by 67%. Illinois will soon have the lowest income tax rate in the entire Midwest.

    Well done Senator Jacobs!

  5. Has there been a vote on the NEW! IMPROVED! MOR! Budget? If so, I haven’t seen it.

    Back in the day—say 2011, Mike Jacobs was a proud tax raiser, and so was Verschoore. Smiddy just wants to do what his Big Labor paymasters tell him to do.

    So did Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs and Pat “The Weasel” Verschoore get schooled at the hands of angry taxpayers—or what?

    I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here Red.

  6. Alex Fulton, Neil Anderson and the Woz have no chance.

    Imagine the comercial Sen Mike Jacobs, Rep Pat Verschoore and Rep Mike Smiddy standing in front of the American flag hand over their heart saying the pledge of allegiance.

    The announcer over voice that these great men cut taxes by 67%.

    The largest single tax cut in history.

    You can count on Senator Mike Jacobs, Rep Pat Verschoore and Rep Mike Smiddy standing up and honoring their pledge.

    A Caucasion Minister from Moline on camera says that these men have proven trustworthy and have cut the tax by 67% and they deserve every bodies vote.

  7. Either that or all the political ads about flippity-floppity Pat who swore he would never raise taxes until his boss, Mike Madigan told him to and flippity-floppity Mike who got so confused about his position on taxes he punched himself in the face.

    Smiddy is just a good dog who always does what his union paymasters tell him to do. Arf! Arf!

  8. For those who twit? tweet? go here to follow the charade that is known as the Illinois budget process.

    What a joke.

  9. Well Rep Pat Verschoore may have flipped and raised taxes but he has since flopped and reduced taxes by 67%! There will be no challenger against Rep Verschoore as it is against the law and they know that the flop is a winner for Verschoore.

    Sen Mike Jacobs only threatened to punch disgraced Gov Blagolavich and was the first to stand up to that bully.

    Sen Jacobs did one punch knock out the Republican Senator that was repremanded on the Senate floor for poor behavior against Jacobs.

    Sen Jacobs has never punched himself as far as I know and for you to say that he would seems to be trying to entice a fight which is bullying behavior.

    Mrs Examiner saying that our esteemed Rep Smiddy is just a good dog who always does what his union paymasters tell him to do shows just how wrong you are.

    The Unions are for the tax increased but Rep Smiddy will be responsible for cutting taxes by a historic 67%.

    The truth is that The Historic 67% tax reduction to lower taxes to the lowest in the Midwest will bring new flux of residents to the great state of Illinois.

    Maybe we will even get you to move back home to Illinois.

  10. Do any of these politicians have any core values?

    Verschoore seems to blow whichever way the wind blows and Jacobs seems to have had a personality transplant where he no longer says or does stupid stuff—I suppose this is due to the fact that he wants to save his seat for his boy like his daddy did for him.

    No matter—I understand the lay of the land in the QCs very well, but if some stray voter decided to educate himself/herself on the issues and voting records of the local lovelies, I suspect they would be hollering for change.

    Of course local politicians—if they’re Democrats— never have to worry since the local press never feels it is their job to inform voters on important stuff like votes taken, etc. The press’ stance is that it’s the RICO GOP’s job, which is like leaving airplane checks to a bunch of winos found in the alleys.

  11. For the record, I understand Mike Jacobs is going to deed his seat to Randy Jacobs. Although Randy Jacobs is not related by blood, he and Mike Jacobs do hold nearly identical political views.

    Note: Randy and his son Jeff Jacobs, the odds on favorite to replace Rep. Verschoore, will be the first father and son duo to serve in the General Assembly at the same time.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  12. What a hoot! I thought it was a parody right to the end—had to double check to see it wasn’t! 😀

  13. I always had a good laugh at that commercial. Union Unity uninfying America! Right. All you had to do to debunk that was tour the John Deere parking lot and see all the Toyotas, Datsuns, VW’s and every other foreign make of automobile in the parking lot.

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