“We Illinois-ized The Bill….

doing things the way we do in Illinois, which is everything we can do to discourage entrepreneurism, to discourage business interests.”

So says an outraged Jim Oberweis reacting to an amendment Democrat Donne Trotter attached to a bill that would exempt those making less than $1000 from food sales from the odious health department regulations.

Trotter’s amendment would require anyone selling food products to take an 8 hour food service sanitation course costing $145, label food products to indicate ingredients and the fact that they are homemade, plus another $35 fee.


So if you’re a kid who wants to open a lemonade stand over the summer it will cost you $200 and 8 hours of your time for a useless “sanitation course”.

Oberweis said “this is absolutely insane.”

An understatement, if there ever was one, but not surprising either considering Democrats have controlled the state for a decade.

Democrats don’t know how to grow business, all they know is TAX! TAX! TAX! REGULATE! REGULATE! REGULATE! and until there is some diversity in state government, you can expect more of the same.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on ““We Illinois-ized The Bill….”

  1. Regulations and fees, to keep the foot on the neck of the average citizen. And approvals from inspectors probably depend on who you are, and whether you’ve greased the right palms or not.

    Like with the IRS, union thugs and leftist radicals would get automatic approval, but conservatives will wait forever, with every jot and tittle examined with a microscope. And after approval, they’ll probably come around and do surprise visits, also looking for more grease.

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