She Tricks Me Into Thinking I Can’t Believe My Eyes


“…Rep. Bustos told about 60 local veterans at a benefits workshop in Rock Island that Sandra Horsman, acting director of the Iowa City VA Hospital, has told her there was ‘no wrongdoing’ going on in the regional clinic…’The big news out of that meeting is that [Horsman] assured me that there are absolutely no duplicate records of any sort…There are no secret files of any sort’.”

Well yeah, if a bureaucrat says so, it must be true!

Would have it been too much trouble for Bustos to launch an independent investigation into the Iowa City facility rather than just rely on the word of some bureaucrat whose job is on the line? How many of the other directors swore everything was hunky-dorey, only to later discover they were lying their keesters off?

Bustos seems a little too eager and a little too credulous here swearing “absolutes” when she has no independent knowledge.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

23 thoughts on “She Tricks Me Into Thinking I Can’t Believe My Eyes”

  1. Investigations take time and money. If there are no complaints from our Vets and there is no complaints then it would be a waste to run investigations nilly willy everywhere.

    The complaints tended to be in Texas and Arizona. I was thinking where were theTexas and Arizona reps.
    The Iowa Reps seem to be MIA
    Rep Cheri Bustos is on the case.

    Wasting money when the country is in such terrible shape and there is no need to run an investigation is just plain silly.

    The best solution is to get these vets into the Obamacare so that they can have healthcare that is not Government run.

  2. The best solution to this problem is something Schilling proposed years ago—allow vets to be treated in any and every hospital in the country.

  3. Wow! Phil Hare and Barack Obama ripped off Schilling’s idea! Hare always said he wrote part of Obamacare and this must be it!

    But since Obamacare is the law of the land and cannot be changed or repealed, why didn’t all these vets just go to a private hospital instead of waiting around the VA facilities and dying of neglect?

    Hmmmm, something doesn’t add up here.

  4. Mrs Examiner I think you hit the nail on the head.

    “The best solution to this problem is something Schilling proposed years agoโ€”allow vets to be treated in any and every hospital in the country.”
    Mrs Examiner.

    The key word Is proposed.

    Bob Schilling proposed and met and was gonna and crafted but the word we never heard was passed or did.

    Schilling couldn’t get any thing done when he was in office as we have takes about before.

    In opposition Rep Cheri Bustos is meeting with Iowa VA bureaucrats and getting assurance that our vets are being taken care of.

    Rep Cheri Bustos get en er done!

  5. Obamacare is a very nice idea for veterans. Why shouldn’t veterans get the same care that millionaires do? If everyone has the same Cadillac Obama plan that we in Illinois have then nobody will feel left out.

    It’s neat Texas signed up more uninsured people than any other state in the nation.

  6. Julie,

    “Meeting with” and “getting assurances” is also not the same thing as “passed”.

    The first bill Cheri authored attempted to eliminate unnecessary government beurocracy and spending by spending a bunch of money to create a new beurocracy that would make recommendations on government cuts based on a report as opposed to simply legislating the cuts herself. Why is that, Julie? Why didn’t Cheri just legislate the cuts herself???

    What has Cheri DONE since being in office? What law that is currently on the books that benefits the people of her district can we thank her for authoring?

    We’re all still waiting.

  7. Mr Reyes, Congressperson Cheri Bustos has opened the Thompson prison, brought us high speed rail, and has secured funding for a new I74 bridge that will allow us in Illinois to go to the best Cities in all of Iowa and enjoy their benefits and many jobs.

    I am assuming that you are against the fair map where the process is taken out of the elected officials hands and put in the hands of the bureaucrats.

    Your quote: “create a new beurocracy that would make recommendations on government cuts based on a report as opposed to simply legislating the cuts herself”.

    Sounds like fair map language. If this is so Mr Reyes you are on the Democrat way of thinking again.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  8. High speed rail? Um, no.

    When you lie and exaggerate you lose all credibility—even as a Democrat shill.

    If your leftwing gods can’t win on facts—they lose.

    Besides, I thought it was Phil Hare who was going to get the new bridge, Thomson prison opened, high speed rail, free, affordable healthcare for all, etc.

    Fallen Idols Of The Rock Island Democrat Party.

    Pathetic—yet, hilarious!

  9. Julie,

    1. Thompson Prison isn’t open. It won’t be till at least next year.

    2. We don’t have high speed rail and won’t in this generation. Whether you’re for it or against it, we won’t have it because Democrat Lane Evans gave up on it and his shill Phil Hare didn’t try for it either. So when Obama was taking money from job creators and dishing it out to lazy folks (still doing this) and friends with pet projects (at least that seems to have slowed a bit) it wasn’t even on the wish list for our district.

    3. The funding for the 74 bridge is the result of decades of work by members of both parties. Even Bustos’s coworkers at the QC Times stated this (they even included Schilling in their praise) despite their obvious bias as evidenced by the fact that they were the only endorsement she received out of, what? 14? 15 papers in the district?? LOL!!

    4. I’m in favor of the Independent Maps ballot initiative as are most of the RICO GOP I’ve seen. I didn’t notice anyone NOT sign the petitions for it and lots of people were circulating them.

    5. The incomplete quote of mine you used is clearly small-government Republican language. The GOP is opposed to more bureaucracy, the Dems (the party of the Confederacy) want more. The GOP is opposed to adding more wasteful spending to government, the Dems (the political wing of the KKK) want more.

    6. I think you’re confusing neo-conservatism with paleo-conservatism/libertarian-conservatism/Reagan-Republicanism.

    7. Why did Cheri suggest spending more money creating a new bureaucracy as a means to eliminating wasteful spending and bureaucracy??? Were you EVER gonna answer that?

    8. Is Cheri ever gonna come up with a jobs plan or is she just gonna continue to draw magic triangles on maps in crayon? Lol!

    Inquiring minds want to know, and we’ve been waiting for just shy of three years now.

  10. When you come home to visit I hope you fly to Chicago take the high speed rail to Moline. Rent a car drive over the Congressperson Cheri Bustos memorial I74 Bridge to the golden Cities of of Iowa Nd get ceep tax free gasoline and eat at Olive Garden. Take a trip to Thompson prison and see the Guantanamo Bay Prisoners.

    Your Boy Bobby and your Bobby Bites are going to be eaten for lunch by Congresswoman Bustos.

  11. Julie,

    Thanks for continuing to prove unable to answer the questions put to you. You’re turning out to be a real intellectual equal of Bustos and her democratic predecessor Phil “I don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare.

    Also, thanks for helping me prove we don’t and won’t have high speed rail from here to Chicago anytime soon. The link you provided says we’ll have rail service at up to 79mph with multiple stops along the way. In other words, I can drive to Chicago faster than that train can get me there. That’s not high speed rail. That’s conventional waste of my time rail. Don’t believe me? Here’s what your congresswoman had to say about it as featured on the very site you linked to!!!

    “Speeds defined by Congress:
    150 mph – Top speed for High Speed Rail Express Routes, 200-600 miles in length.
    110-150 mph – Top speed of High-Speed Rail Regional Routes, 100-500 miles in length.
    90-110 mph – Top speed of Emerging High Speed Rail, 100-500 miles in length, with potential to become regional or express service.
    79-90 mph – Top speed of Conventional Rail, 100 miles or more.”

    Cheri IS in congress still, right? Durbin hasn’t handed off his seat to her yet, has he?

    (Commenter’s Note: I know the Senate is part of Congress.)

  12. Mr. Reyes,

    Chicago to Moline Passenger Rail Receives $230 Million Grant

    The U.S. Department of Transportation today awarded a $230 million federal grant for a new passenger rail route from Chicago to the Moline. This award will also include additional state and local funding that was committed as part of the joint Illinois and Iowa application. This funding will be used to complete all of the design and construction associated with initiating Amtrak service to the Moline by 2015.

    This $230 million grant comes on the heels of $16.7 million announcement for a multimodal high-speed passenger rail station in Moline, which includes $10 million from the federal TIGER II program and $5 million from the State of Illinois.

    This announcement marks Quad Cities high speed passenger rail service as the single largest federally funded project ever in the Quad Cities.

    Inquiring minds,

    1. Thomson Prison is hiring people right now, so I guess quibble when it will open is nonsensical; by any measure it is OPENING.

    2.The train is fully funded and begins running in 2015.

    3. Moline was in line to get the next bridge, but Schilling let Costello Congressman from the St. Louis area step over us and take our place in line. Regardless of Schilling’s poor decision, Rep. Bustos came to the rescue and got er done!

    4.The so called “Fair Map” isn’t on the ballot Eric, so who cares what people think about the issue, or if they even really understand it.

    5, Ya, Republicans love small government until it contradicts with more and more free stuff for our “heroes” and x-soldiers!

    6. Ad hominem attack deleted.

    7. A working committee to overlook how right-wingers misuse our tax-dollars playing army is a wonderful idea! I imagine we will find plenty of fraud, waste and corruption in this area.

    8. Fact is, Congressperson Bustos created more jobs as “alderman” than perennial candidate Eric Reyes has in his entire public life. You can’t spell “Congressperson Cheri Bustos is for JOBS” without JOBS!

    Eric, your questions have been answered!

    Ed. Note: Comment edited. If you resort to personal attacks, you have lost the argument. I realize that is all many of you Democrats have, but please try to control yourselves and stick to the issues—not personalities. Here, we attack politicians and the press, not fellow commenters. Learn or leave.

  13. Randy,

    1. Thompson prison is opening. That is correct. It is not open. Just like I said. Oh, and fun fact: Bustos didn’t have anything to do with it opening either.

    2. The conventional rail train will allegedly be running by the end of 2015. As I pointed out, it’s not high speed rail. That’s nice and cute that our government decided to build a high speed rail station for a non high speed rail train, but it doesn’t change the fact that the train is slow. I thought this was an easy concept to grasp. High speed rail trains are FAST. Hundreds of mph fast. The train that will run from here to Chicago will be SLOW. 79mph slow (at the most) with stops along the way. I was excited about the notion of taking a 30-60 minute ride to Chicago. But I’m not gonna take a 3-4 hour ride. No thanks. Like I said, I can drive much faster than that train.

    3. Cheri didn’t do anything more to get funding for a new bridge than Schilling did. Even the only paper that supported Cheri in the election acknowledges this. Only truly partisan hacks would say otherwise. Bottom line, the new bridge was coming regardless of who was in office. She doesn’t get to take credit for inevitable projects like the bridge and Thompson prison just because her empty suit happens to be in office at the time. She got lucky. Sidenote: the bridge isn’t built and the prison isn’t open. If those two things were to be completed next year and Schilling was back in office, would he be able to take credit for them? Because that’s how asinine your claim that Cheri deserves credit for them sounds.

    4. I answered a direct question from Julie about the map process being on the ballot. Why don’t you ask HER who cares about it?

    5. All I could take from your statement was that Randy Hauser doesn’t support our heroes and veterans.

    6. Did you really have to go ad hominem Randy? C’mon. You lose the argument right then. (Ignoring the fact that you’ve already lost, of course.)

    7. Not sure how a working committee could investigate misuse of tax dollars in my county, district, or state since damn near all levels of government are run by tax and spend liberals. Nice try though, lol!

    8. What jobs did Bustos create as alderwoman? I wasn’t aware of those. I’ve only directly created a handful of jobs through my law firm and campaigns (the two I’ve ran in). Let’s see, two campaign managers and three office assistants. Also one time I shared office space and employee expenses with a couple other lawyers and we employed two assistants there, so that’s 7 jobs created (2 maybe just supported) but definitely a clear 5 jobs created. I know Cheri has a much larger staff now than I’ve had in all my life combined, and I know she’s helped the economy with her spending far more than I have since she’s been a rather rich adult for about as long as I’ve been alive and I’m still not even anywhere near rich (though I’d venture to guess I’ve come quite a bit farther than she had to at this point in her life). But we’re talking about legislation, aren’t we? What jobs has she created via statute? The candidate I support, Schilling, has recently said that he and the company he works for have created far more jobs than Bustos has. They’ve created thousands, she’s created none. I’m inclined to think he’s right. Can you tell me which legislation she authored that created jobs, or do you want to just stick to baseless statements and ad hominem attacks?

  14. Mr Reyes the fair map was brought up because is puts bureaucrats in charge of the process and out of the hands of the politicians.

    I brought it up because you stated you were against Congressperson Cheri Bustos taking putting bureaucrats in charge of cuts rather than tge politicians.

    You are contradicting yourself again was all I was pointing out as we all know the fair map is a dead issue.

    Instead the KKK Democratic party will be letting the people decide if the minimum wage should be increased.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  15. Here’s a good article about how they do redistricting in Iowa. It’s done by computer but must be approved by the governor and legislature.

    Don’t really know what the plan was being presented in Illinois since I figured the powerful Democrat poobahs would find a way to kill it one way or another, so I didn’t pay much attention to the details.

  16. Ya know what. I hadn’t paid much attention to the details either until now.

    I just read the actual language of the proposed amendment. It sucks. It consolidates power in a new bureaucracy. It’s not like Iowa or several other states do it or several other proposals.

    I don’t support it. I admit I didn’t have the facts when I stated my earlier opinion. I believe I was, in fact, inconsistent. That is no longer the case.

    I’m thankful for the edification provided by this forum.

  17. Thanks for doing the research on the Fair Map, Eric. For some reason, I figured it would be based on the Iowa plan, which it clearly isn’t.

    Eric Reyes: Doing the hard work of slogging through legalese the rest of us are too lazy to do! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. “The truth may be there is no way to completely remove politics from the redistricting process. It is possible to mitigate political influence. Ultimately the defense and preservation of democratic rights are at the discretion of the people who must act in their own interest to protect their vote. Changes must be implemented to reduce political gamesmanship and protect the voting rights of
    every individual citizen.”

    Redistricting in Illinois: A Comparative View On State Redistricting
    – Joe Cervantes

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