Frat Boy In Chief

Quote by Barack Obama from the Daily Mail UK at a fundraiser in Chicago yesterday:

“So the job has been wearing me down a little bit, I admit [gray hair] and all that. But Michelle still thinks I’m cute. She’s not ready to trade me in yet.”

So hokey.

OK, I realize this is Obama among his rich liberal homies, but still, what CEO or executive of any corporation would say publicly that even though their company’s stock collapsed, foreign investors shunned him, the majority of his stockholders hated him—so what? At least their wives thought they were cute? This is like some college frat boy saying he whiffed the chem final, but at least his girlfriend still thought he was cute. What 50 year adult thinks like that?

Obama as POTUS is so far out of his element he does not have the ability to recover. And isn’t it interesting that we didn’t see this inane quote in the Establishment US press—we saw it in the foreign press?

Not surprised—are you?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Frat Boy In Chief”

  1. Obama’s “job” of lying to America about everything, so as to bring in his glorious black power, communist nation … has been a little rough, as America finds out what a lying p.o.s. they’ve elected, twice.

    But he is (half) black, so America at least can check that whole “America is a racist nation” thing off the list … except the left is now more than ever, calling traditional America racist.

    But once we elect fellow Alinskyite commie subversive Hillary, we can at least say we aren’t misogynist, except they will never stop saying that about traditional America.

    Obama may not have been born in Kenya, but his family was anti-American socialist, he was raised partly in Indonesia eating dog, his first mentor was a true communist, his second mentor was a Farrakhan (we hate whites) lovin’, black theology, communist supportin’ racist (the very reverend “God damn America” Wright) … and there is no indication his connections to corruption in Illinois have ever been refuted, from his golden deal on his house, to tripling his not really a lawyer wife’s already bloated salary, when he used gov’ position to move big gov’ money to the place she worked.

    Obama’s top cop Holder is a thug brought in just to be a thug, and the IRS is full of peeps like Lois Lerner, that use the power of the IRS, or other agencies, to assault any conservative that might diminish the power of government bureaucrats that can never be fired, regardless of their incompetence or maliciousness.

    WAR is coming from the citizenry that recognize organized crime is deep in our system … or so I hope.

  2. On January 20th 2009 when Obama took office the economy was in the dumps the stock market was at 8001.
    On May 24, 2014 the economy is in full recovery mode. The stock market is at 16,606 and we have national healthcare named by the Republicans in the honor of President Barack Hussein Obama.
    What a great legacy!

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