Rauner Rides To The Rescue

From a Bruce Rauner press release via Capitol Fax:

“Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner today released automated calls to voters in six key state legislative districts where the General Assembly’s vote on making Pat Quinn’s state income tax increase permanent could be decided.”

One of these districts is the 71st. Rich Miller thinks that these calls are wasted in the 71st where Smiddy takes his marching orders from Big Labor who are all for mo’ money. How likely is it that Smiddy will heed the taxpayers in his district over his Big Money patrons in labor?

Dunno, but on the other hand Rauner is basically giving The Woz free advertising since it is entirely possible some people in the 71st are unaware their taxes were hiked 67%—although not by Smiddy. So in the 71st this robocalling might be a wash, or it might cause the good people of the district to seek alternatives to Smiddy.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Rauner Rides To The Rescue”

  1. Representative Mike Smiddy is afraid to keep the Tax-rate the same. He will be for cutting the Tax by 67%.

    Smiddy knows that if he cuts the tax by 67% the Woz will be a dead duck.

    Imagine the TV Rep Mike Smiddy cut your taxs by 67%.

    I think Smiddy should of course keep the current tax and raise the tax another 2%. It wouldn’t be quite 67% but it would be a great help to the great state of Illinois.

    Look if you love Texas and it’s hot weather, cheap illegal immigrant slave labor, low taxes and lower wages then by all means stay there and love it but let us that love Illinois and it’s terrible winters, high taxes and higher wage.
    Net gain Illinois $3500 if they do an additional 2% tax.

    I love Illinois.
    You love Texas.
    Why do you want Illinois to be Texas??

  2. I’m pretty sure The Woz has an appropriate and intelligent rejoinder to your claim that the 67% tax increase “would be a great help to the great state of Illinois.”

    In the mean time, although I may now live in The Great State Of Texas, your County Clerk Kinney has assured me I am still on the voter rolls in the Great County of Rock Island in The Great State of Illinois, so I may have more influence than you imagine. 😀

  3. Oh yeah, I knew I had it around here somewhere; The Woz’s excoriation of Smiddy’s vote for a budget that exceeded the agreed upon limit of spending and therefore setting up the “TEMPORARY” tax being permanent.

  4. I don’t think Rep Mike Smiddy care if you vote. As a matter of fact I don’t think Rep Smiddy would even take your vote.

    You have no influence.

    Rep Mike Smiddy will destroy the Woz without you and your influence. Real Illinoisans know that Rep Mike Smiddy will be the next Congressman once Congresswoman Cheri Bustos takes her Godfathers seat as Us Senator.

  5. In the off chance I decided to go rogue and commit voter fraud, I certainly wouldn’t waste my vote on Smiddy—The Woz and Rauner, um maybe. 😀

  6. Rep. Smiddy is going to stand tall and reduce taxes by 67 percent. Rep. Smiddy is so pro-labor that they don’t care how he votes on this small issue. Smiddy’s campaign ad is in the can and ready to go.

    Rep. Smiddy will make the courageous vote against taxes and reduce them by 67 percent, and be handsomely rewarded by voters and Speaker Madigan.

    Speaker Madigan will put together the votes we need to keep Rep. Smiddy firmly in power. Wozniak is about to be crushed by the political Machine that is Madigan and Unions.

  7. Your hero Rauner loves to bash Democrats, but fails to mention that he’s a big supporter and personal friend of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. While working with Rauner in the late ’90s, Emanuel made millions, helping spur his run for elective office. Rauner donated to Emanuel’s campaign and the two have vacationed together.

    His wife even votes Democrat.

  8. So what? Mr. Examiner’s wife “even votes Democrat” and in the 35 years I lived in the QCs I took out a Democrat ballot in every primary but one.

    This may be a turn off to some, but you’re gonna have to do better than this for me to turn anti-Rauner/

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