Laws Are For The Little People


“[Rock Island County] State’s Attorney John McGehee has issued a legal opinion that finds that Rock Island County leaders did not follow official policy in paying out hundreds of hours of overtime to the county board’s executive assistant Shelly Chapman…Mr. McGehee also said the county failed to report to the Internal Revenue Service mileage reimbursements paid to county board chairman Phil Banaszek for driving from home to the office.”

I can’t say I’m shocked that a political party that has controlled county government for 40 years operates with no controlling authority, but I am disappointed that the local press has been so supine for decades in investigating the inner workings of Rock Island County government.

When did the mission of the free press become aid, support and comfort the powerful and afflict the downtrodden taxpayers?

Hey local QC media—if Don Johnston knows about FOIA, so should you.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Laws Are For The Little People”

  1. This is a great way to save taxpayer money. Rather than hire another employee and have to insure and pension the new employee it is much cheaper to pay overtime.

    As for informing the IRS about the legal milage that Democratic County Party Boss Banaszek received, I am sure they will both inform tge IRS.

    Judge Mcgehee made the right decision and the press did their job in reporting these issues.

    What are you Mrs Examiner implying here? I don’t find your post to be to the point.

  2. The press shouldn’t have waited for the disgruntled Chapman to send them a letter about her problems—this had been going on for years if not decades.

    Doing stenography by “reporting” on a letter sent to D/A does NOT equal digging into the dark heart of RICO government and discovering waste, fraud and corruption independently.

  3. The sad thing is that there were none of your trademark catchphrase: waste, fraud and corruption, associated with this investigation.

    This is growing tiring you acting like there is waste, fraud and corruption when the Rock Island States Attorney John McGehee says differently.

  4. Um, no he didn’t unless you consider not reporting income to the IRS non-fraudulent and/or non-corrupt.

    Also Chapman abusing overtime/comp time to milk taxpayers isn’t waste, fraud or corruption?

    You must be a Democrat! 😀

  5. Once again there was nothing illegal about the overtime and paying overtime is cheaper for the taxpayer than hiring another employer. Saving money for the people isn’t fraud or corruption.

    Overtime was not hidden or against the law.

    The IRS oversight shouldn’t have happened maybe incompetence but again not fraud or corruption.

    I am sure the IRS will agree with me and not you.

  6. Here’s a link to QcOnline’s report on the county board meeting last night. Among the juicy quotes:

    “On May 16, Mr. McGehee released a legal opinion stating Ms. Chapman exceeded a county policy that caps how much comp time employees can take. [Chapman] converted 628 hours of comp time into almost $18,000 in cash last year.”

    Julie may be able to spin The Faithful, but if the RICO GOP is smart (always a crap shoot) they will capitalize on the fact that while the Dems squander taxpayer money on the politically well connected, they demand MORE taxpayer $$$ to squander on the politically well connected.

  7. I looked over my tax bill and discovered that I am paying less to Rock Island County than I did last year. Just saying sometimes facts matter….

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