Schilling Elected: Women And Minorities Hardest Hit

Is it just me or has the quality of letters to the editor of been declining since the halcyon years of Hare v. Schilling? There seemed to be something in that combination that drove the QC populace batpoop crazy resulting in massive amounts of entertaining letters to the editor and thus massive amounts of blogging material.

So when I saw this one, I immediately seized upon it like a Texas fire ant on an unsuspecting picnicker. The writer states she is a baby boomer and lists all the progress wymyn have made over the decades. Then she lists what Cheri Bustos (D-NARAL) is proposing to advance the cause of wymyn and encourages all to vote for Bustos with this rousing denunciation of her opponent:

“The alternative is a grim trip with Bobby Schilling back to a time that was most unkind to women. Sadly, he does not understand or does not care about the issues that today’s women face.”

OK, I was out of the 17th CD for most of Schilling’s tenure, but I’m pretty sure I would have heard if had abolished abortion, rescinded wymyn’s right to vote, etc. so I have no idea what this lady is talking about when she talks about the “grim trip” back in time that was “most unkind to women”.

So what happened? Did they fire all the editors at QCOnline? Are they so desperate for letters from the public they will accept any ol’ twaddle that passes over the transom?

I used to joke about how the Democrats were pulling people out of rehab, taverns and mental institutions to write letters to the editor for them. Seems to me it is the Dems who are taking a “grim trip” back to ’10 by cranking out this wacky stuff.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Schilling Elected: Women And Minorities Hardest Hit”

  1. They got 10 cars at Bobby’s headquarters with folks writing letters like they machines.

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