Don’t Take A Knife To An Illinois Budget Fight…

take an uppity Republican woman!

Watch the video at the link and be astounded at the audacity of Illinois House Republican women fighting back against the corrupt Democrat budget process:

***Rep. Tracy demands an answer to who “we” is and the male Democrat tries to change the subject. Juicy Tracy quote: “How can I work with somebody that won’t tell me the truth.”

***Rep. Hammond denounces the Democrats for not inviting the minority GOP to their appropriation and working committees with the pithy comment that the way she found out about them was in the ladies restroom.

***Rep. Bullock excoriates Democrats for driving family and friends out of Illinois by enacting policies that kill business and jobs while spending non-existing $$$$ like a drunken sailor.

***Rep. Ives demands to know why $15M is being spent on only 40 IDOT employees. The Democrat had no idea—he was just trying to pass a budget, never mind the details.

This is juicy stuff people and it appears the GOP ladies are the only ones standing up to the corruption and secrecy of the Democrat budget process. I assume the GOP men were hiding in the restroom when all this was going on.

Brava ladies!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Take A Knife To An Illinois Budget Fight…”

  1. Via The Caucus Blog more corrupt Democrat budget process exposed, this time by GOP Rep. Ron Sandack, who asks the Dem in charge:

    “How is it we’re gonna pay for [a budget $3B over the agreed cap without making the “temporary” tax permanent] then, Sir?”

    Democrat “Sir” replies:

    “My job is just to get this bill outta the floor and pass it. I’m not gonna tell you how we’re gonna pay for it just yet.”

  2. Illinois is due a governor with two X chromosomes. Texas is a much younger state and we’ve already had two—don’t look for Wendy Davis to be #3. lol

    Rep. Tracy would be a good candidate for next up gov; she’s had some experience on the state wide campaign trail and I think she would be a fresh, new voice in stale Illinois.

    I realize Lisa Madigan is looming large, but I have never seen anything in her that indicates she has what it takes to do the hard slog required to be governor. Rather than go after bad guys, Lisa has turned her AG office into a Consumer Protection Agency.

    Sad, but really what can you expect from a Dem AG in Dem controlled IL?

  3. Speaking of Jil Tracy, my favorite candidate for IL AG has just appointed her as his honorary campaign chairwoman. Schimph also agrees with me as to why he is more qualified to be AG than The Lisa; she’s just too far up The Establishment’s keester to be able to be objective and non-partisan about going after IL bad guys/gals.

    OK, that’s paraphrasing. 😀

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