Democrat Math


“Elected county officers asked the Rock Island County Board’s finance committee on Friday for their first pay raise in four years.”

After an attempt to make their case as to why they were so deserving of a raise in $$$$ starved RICO, a board member mentioned the fact that the median income for RICO is $48K while the Democrat elected official’s annual income was:

***$177K for Sheriff
***$158K for County Clerk
***$147K for Treasurer

Etc. Not exactly among the downtrodden.

In addition to elected Democrats demanding more taxpayer $$$$ there are 300 union workers agitating for more $$$$ as well and that is heading for arbitration.

But hey, IOOPM—it’s only other’s people money in question here, but as usual there is never enough:

“Finance committee chairman Don Jacobs D-East Moline, said he expects the county will have to take out a $1.2 million bank loan in the coming weeks.”

So pay up peasants and quit trying to flee your responsibilities to your RICO Democrat liege lords by leaving the area!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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