What’s It Gonna Be, Boy? Yes Or No?

A vote for this budget is a vote for the tax increase.

So what’s it gonna be boys—Smiddy, Verschoore, Jacobs—yes, or no?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

21 thoughts on “What’s It Gonna Be, Boy? Yes Or No?”

  1. I for one believe that Reps Vetschoore and Smiddy and Senator Jacobs should not only keep the current 2% tax the same but raise it another 2%.

    Republican Party Boss Bill Bliom could call this a 134% tax increase with his odd math.

    I hope these men have the courage to not only keep the tax the same but increases it.

    After all people in Illinois make , on average, $6,000 more than those in Texas.

  2. Illinois unemployment 8.4; Texas unemployment 5.3

    What good does it do if “on average” you don’t have a job in Illinois?

    But I do agree with you that Verschoore, Smiddy and Jacobs should jack up taxes even more in order to punish the morons who voted for these tax and spend liberal hacks and are retarded enough to stay in Illinois and suffer the consequences of their votes.

    Illinois has a flat tax which means Smiddy-Verschoore-Jacobs will happily punish the rich, the poor and the middle class with their tax increases.

    What’s not to love?

  3. I only hope that your blog can entice those unemployed in Illinois to come to Texas and enjoy the fish and beans and leave the steak and potatoes to us real Illinoisans.

    I don’t understand how Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom and his puppets Schilling, Anderson and the Woz can be so irresponsible as to not run Government like a business.

    When my family can’t afford a new hat we go to work and get more money.

    The best way to pay your way is to make more money.

    Raise the taxes and pay our way that is my mantra.

    PS because of Reps Verschoore and Smiddy and Senator Jacobs Rock Island County enjoys the lowest unemployment in Illinois.

  4. All that might be true except for the fact that the Democrats aren’t “making” more money, they’re TAKING more money.

  5. The best way to being in more revenue is to lower taxes. I realize this is a difficult concept for people like Julie to grasp due to the fact that liberals live in denial of economics, but that’s just the way it is.

  6. Mr. Reyes. if your family needs more money for a fancy hat just make less money that will solve everything.

    If corporations need more money for an increased minimum wage they will just pass it on to consumers or lay off workers.

    Under your thinking they should just charge less money and hire more workers.

    Let’s do our share as people that have and increase our taxes like upstanding people.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  7. Rep. Smiddy will fight for AFSCME and vote against the increase. Rep. Verschoore will likely vote to keep tax rate of 5%. I think Sen. Jacobs will do the right thing and vote raise the tax from 5% to 9% like they did in Iowa.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  8. As the minister of propaganda QCE I understand your feeling a need to censor but censorship is never a good thing.

    Maybe you could write about Schilling selling US citizenships to foreign nationals it has been obvious to anyone with a brain that his pizza place is failed never a car at lunch or dinner but he keeps it open so he can say he is a small pizza guy.

    He could never win as a failed small business owner. That is why he is just waiting for this election loss to close down that shop.

    This selling US citizenship is putting $$ in his pocket but it will add 3% points against him.

    Congressperson Cheri Bustos by 9% now.

  9. I’ve already thrashed out the “Schilling selling US citizenships to foreign nationals” bit. Try to keep up. This is old news and you’re boring us.

    Speaking of boring; you’ll notice what got cut from your comments was the boring talking points and personal attacks. I realize you are just doing what your Masters tell you to do, but if you expect no “censorship” here, you’ll have to be more original and less mean-spirited.

    Just some friendly advice.

  10. I agree that the Democrats need to raise the tax even more than they are talking about.

    Another 67% on top of the current tax would be a great start.

    You have to pay for things and this is just the reality of the situation.

    Ed. Note: Another boring reference to “Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom” deleted. Step up your game—you are boring us to death.

  11. Julie,

    Once again you don’t seem to understand. I didn’t say the government should “make less money.” In fact, I said the opposite. I also stated the empirically proven fact that decreasing taxes increases revenues.

    What you want is diminished returns.

  12. Reason # 409,211 Why I Love Illinois

    Last night I grabbed some “Bobby Bread” at St. Giuseppe’s Pizza and washed it down with Pepto Bismo.

    PS. If you think “Schilling selling US citizenship to foreign nationals” is not a “hot issue” than you are not reading the same polls that we are..

  13. I’m really hoping Obamacare covers things like reading comprehension dysfunction so that people like Julie can get the free help they so desperately need. 😀

  14. already the hot issue about Lazenby is her newly filed divorce and the rumor surrounding it.

  15. Mr Reyes “I also stated the that decreasing taxes increases revenues.”

    Is this the information that changed you from D to I to R?

    If so please share this data with us.

    Ed. Note: comment edited; live and DON’T learn seems to be Julie’s motto.

  16. That, info, along with the history of racism in the democratic party leadership that prevails to this day and nepotism and mafia-like characteristics are the main reasons I joined the libertarian-wing of the Republican Party.

    Again, I find it humorous that you act as if you don’t know all of this. You act as if you’re “in the know” which means you’ve already read http://www.EricReyes.us/why but feel free to read it again in case you forgot.

    BTW, were you gonna fill us in on any of Bustos’s positions or were gonna leave all the inquiring minds hanging?

  17. Mr Reyes “I also stated the that decreasing taxes increases revenues.”

    You still haven’t shown this data.

    As far racism in the Democratic Party the minorities of America disagree with you.

    As for nepotism are you speaking of Illinois Republican Senator Darin LaHood?

    LaHood ran for Peoria County state’s attorney in 2008, losing to incumbent Kevin Lyons.

    He was appointed to the Illinois Senate on 27 February 2011, at the age of 42,and took office March 1, the day after Dale Risinger retired.

    Mafia-like characteristics like Republican Governor Ryan’s scheme inside Ryan’s secretary of state’s office in which unqualified truck drivers obtained licenses through bribes. As the AP wrote: “The probe expanded over the next eight years into a wide-ranging corruption investigation that eventually reached Ryan in the governor’s office.

    Scandals are both Democrat and Republican.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

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