Probably Not A Good Time To Ask For A Tax Increase


“Two Hope Creek Care Center workers were fired and others suspended after state inspectors said the nursing home had failed to investigate allegations that a resident had been abused…Hope Creek twice received warnings for ‘health deficiencies’ last year from inspectors…Staff failed to notify their administrator and the state of an allegation of abuse last year…Staff also ‘falsified a fall report causing a delay in treatment’ that resulted in a resident being in ‘significant pain’ for eight hours and 45 minutes.”

Yes, this is the handiwork of those vaunted union workers who we are always assured are superior to their non-union counterparts.

And for those who use the defense of “stuff happens”—well, yes it does, but when “stuff happens” in a public nursing home, the taxpayers have to pay to defend the resulting lawsuits.

If ever there was a case to be made to privatize Hope Creek, the facts coming out now about the fraud and abuse there should make it a slam-dunk.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Probably Not A Good Time To Ask For A Tax Increase”

  1. As I understand it, they are cutting funds for home care, even though it generally offers big cost savings per individual. But the institutions have union clout, and nursing home investors have clout … elderly grandparents at home … not so much.

    And government doesn’t care if the elderly are warehoused and abused, rather than staying in their home environment. But with a little training, some home care visits, internet technology, and less money than the public nursing home many could stay home where they want to be.

    Home care is generally much better quality life than the nursing home, especially for anyone that has willing family, and has saved a little bit of money. I’m not sure what will be done with the 50% or so that are learning dependence on government subsidy, but we can be sure they’ll keep voting Democrat till America’s dying day.

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