As A Member Of The House Agriculture, Transportation & Infrastructure Committees…

Cheri Bustos had much to learn from a weekend trip to Afghanistan.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

17 thoughts on “As A Member Of The House Agriculture, Transportation & Infrastructure Committees…”

  1. Five women went over, to meet with mothers in the military? Is this just a feel good Mother’s Day tour, or did she learn something? If the article is any indication, she either learned nothing, or didn’t want to talk about it.

  2. How wonderful for Congressperson Cheri Bustos to be so selfless on Mothersday to forgo her own Mothersday experience to join this nonpartisan trip to share her motherly experience with our American Heros.

    God Bless Congresswomen Cheri Bustos for all of her hard work!

    Please join me in honoring Congressperson Bustos.

  3. well it is probably good for congress critters to get a real look … but she could only muster a two sentence statement about it?

  4. Mr. Reyes, if you did something selfless for the troops I would be gracious and give you the credit you deserve and I think that you should give Congressperson Cheri Bustos the credit for helping our troops.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  5. MR this just seemed like a waste of taxpayer money to me. Our presence in Afghanistan is down to bare bones and she and some other congressional “mothers” decided to take a weekend excursion to a place that is rapidly declining in importance—at least as far as Obama is concerned.

    I never really got the impression this was a “fact finding mission”, just a pre-election photo op. Bustos gets criticized some for being the Photo Op Congressperson, and this fit her MO perfectly.

  6. Julie,

    I don’t recall Cheri doing anything selfless for the troops. I recall her taking a weekend jaunt as millionaires tend to do. How is showing up for a photo op “helping our troops”?

    I mean, it’s not like she enlisted (now or ever).

  7. QCexaminer,

    I am growning increasingly concerened over your desire to censor opinions on our blog. I pray you reflect on what you are doing and chose to become tolerant of divergent opnions.

    God Bless you!

  8. Rather than be “concerened” I suggest you look elsewhere for your brand of “divergent opinions.” I don’t consider repeating the same lame talking points over and over and attacking other commenters “censor[ing] opinions”—I consider it keeping the trash out of my [blog] house.

  9. yeah, probably just waste … but I hold out a glimmer of hope that when the Democrats get first hand exposure to real troops, they gain a couple ounces of humility. Some are too far gone to be influenced, and most won’t learn much on a sterilized visit … but a few will acquire second thoughts about selling out our veterans so as to provide for more illegals.

    That’s me .. the eternal optimist. 🙂

  10. Midwest Rhino what the hell are you talking about??

    “Democrats get first hand exposure to real troops”??

    “selling out our veterans so as to provide for more illegals.”??

  11. Dem’s live in a make believe world where we don’t really need military … because WE are the problem, doncha know? But when they get real exposure to the discipline and risk taken by our troops … they MIGHT gain an ounce of respect.

    You apparently don’t read the news Julie … the VA has put vets on long waiting lists to die, while pretending they get served in two weeks to keep up appearances … and many vets did die neglected. But illegals are released from prison, and illegals are given health care benefits at any emergency room … that is funded by our Obamacare fiasco … but those that serve our country in the military are paid little and neglected in their health care.

    Obama really seems to hate America … he thinks we are too successful … too powerful … and is taking every action available to diminish us. But if you want to live in delusion land, and ignore the convicted IL governors that think selling influence is effin golden, or pretend that the old Boss is different than the new boss … keep on tokin’ sista. There was a book by Royko about “The (old) Boss”, and the new mayor of Illinois is called “The Godfather”. I’m sure breakin’ the rules to get on the ballot means nothin’, and there is no organized crime in Chicago.

    Keep on tokin’ Julie. You will probably NEVER know what I’m talkin’ about. 🙂

  12. The Republican lawmaker from Florida House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller, in a letter to President Obama Tuesday, noted a commission precedent in 2007 in the wake of a similar scandal at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. President Bush.

    There’s been intense scrutiny on VA clinics in several states, including Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and Arizona, where it’s been alleged appointment waiting lists were doctored to hide long waits during which some sick vets died.

    These war heroes under both Presidents Bush and Obama should have had a great new system like Obamacare to better serve their needs. I do not blame President Bush or Obama for this failed old system.

    We need to get these people into this new system that we in homage to President Obama Obamacare.

    Believe it or not there are plenty of registered Democrats that have faced military combat and showed great bravery.

    Do you really blame Presidents Bush and Obama for these VA issues?

    Ed.Note: comment edited

  13. yes I blame the presidents … especially Obama. He rewards those that cover for him, and whistle blowers are punished. At least some changes were made under Bush.
    After the Post series broke, Defense Secretary Robert Gates fired top Army officials who either had downplayed the problems or hadn’t moved fast enough to deal with the issues.

    Most government agencies, like the IRS, are full of Democrats, many of which have used their power to influence elections. That is what much of this cover up is about, trying to make it look like these vets were being treated with two weeks, when they were really put on secret lists where they often died.

  14. At least you put some blame at Bushs door of course not as much as You want to blame Obama.

    This is an issue that is just the exact reason that we need to raise taxes and put these vets in a non government program like Obamacare rather than the VA system.

    The Vietnam vets are aging and we have so many Bush war veterans that have so many physical and psychiatric needs that are not being met so instead of just admitting that they can not care for these growing numbers they were just put on secret lists.

    Drs tend to be Republican with their huge salaries, many of which have used their power to influence elections. That is what much of this cover up is about, trying to make it look like these vets were being treated with two weeks, when they were really put on secret lists.

    As far as jumping the gun on the dying part and believing the press:

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