Reason #408176 Why I Love Texas

Tonight’s menu: grilled fish and green beans fresh from our garden.

And you?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Reason #408176 Why I Love Texas”

  1. Be carefull eating that fish Quad City Examiner!

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has identified numerous water environmental concerns that seriously affect the state. They include fish consumption bans, harmful algae blooms, kills and spills, invasive plants and animals, nuisance vegetation, water by region and water quality. Unsafe quantities of mercury in fish and crabs are a high concern for Texas.

    Another major environmental issue is the water supply in the Texas-Mexico border area. An example of this is the maquiladora program established in 1965. It allowed foreign companies (primarily from the U.S. and Asia) to build factories and industrial buildings in Mexico. There are nearly 500 factories near the Rio Grande and Texas, which have created many wastewater and drinking water problems in south Texas.

    All I am saying, is enjoy your dinner, but make sure the fish was caught in Illinois!

  2. Do you have illegals to pick the beans, cook the food and serve it to you?

    With half a million Illegal aliens in Texas for Americans to get waited on for pennies on he dollar.

    Let’s give these illegals a fair wage.

  3. I haven’t done any scientific study of this, but from my observations over the last three years, Hispanics (legal, illegal, whatever) do well here because it is so much easier to start a business in TX than IL, so you will see all sorts of independent businesses run by Hispanics.

    Sure, some do menial stuff, but invariably they are working for a Hispanic boss.

  4. Below see a 2012 study completed by the Houston Chronicle regarding Texas and it’s relationship with cheap, illegal labor.

    Illegal aliens crossing the border to line up at the welfare office
    A new study has found that a remarkable 70% of illegal aliens in Texas are on the dole. Since only 39% of native born Americans are on welfare, it makes one think that the phrase “doing the jobs Americans won’t do” should be changed to “not doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.”

    The Houston Chronicle tells the terrible tale of Texas taxes:

    Thirteen years after Congress overhauled the American welfare system, 57 percent of immigrants with children — those in the country legally or not — use at least one government, welfare program according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies.

    In comparison, 39 percent of native-born Americans with children are signed up for welfare, the report found.

    In Texas, 54 percent of legal immigrants and 70 percent of illegal immigrants receive welfare assistance, with illegal immigrants generally receiving benefits on behalf of their U.S.-born children, according toTexas tied with California and New York for the second highest the study, written by a think tank that favors reducing immigration into the U.S.

    Overall, immigrant welfare rates behind Arizona.

    Congratulations, Texas. Keep up the good work and you’ll be number uno in no time at all.

    As QCE declared, as long as illegal alines “are working for a Hispanic boss” everything is okay

  5. I had a nice juicy stake and a big baked potato for dinner tonight.

    Reason # 567,438 to live in Illinois.

  6. I had a wonderful cheese and sausage pie from Franks Pizzeria and washed it down with an ice cold Coke. Afterwards I stopped by Whiteys and purchased a hot fudge sunday with a cherry on top.

    Reason #567,439 and #567,440 to live in Illinois

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