Mike Jacobs Was So Impressed With The DREAM Act, He Voted For It!

Breitbart Big Government:

“In a recent proclamation, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he intends to give city jobs and internships to so-called ‘DREAMers,’ youngsters in the country illegally.

“In the announcement, Emanuel proudly stated that ‘for the first time Chicago is opening up nearly 23,000 city-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students, or ‘DREAMers’.”

Can’t wait to see how many “job opportunities” Mike Jacobs offers to illegals rather than to his family, friends and cronies.

Oh, wait, this is Rock Island County! What was I thinking?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on “Mike Jacobs Was So Impressed With The DREAM Act, He Voted For It!”

  1. Last week Republican Party political Boss Bill Bloom attacked African-Americans. This week Republican Party Blog Boss launched an offensive against Latins.

    Given the numbers of illegals in Texas, one would hope you would better understand the issue. Somehow deporting young people that succeed in American seems unAmerican to me. How about you Quad City Examiner?

    After reviewing Bobby, Neil and Boss Bloom’s Facebook Pages one would think these boys love Hispanics. What personally do you have against these fine hard-working people?

  2. When you live in the land of illegal immigrants and they are used as slave labor of course you wouldn’t want them educated or bettering themselves in any way.

    Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom is so against color that it makes you wonder how the Republicans could ever win.

  3. I think you’re jumping the gun on this like Nate Dogg.

    I don’t see QCE attacking latinos in her post.

    DREAMers have done nothing wrong and deserve neither scorn nor punishment. I believe the majority of the GOP is coming to this realization and that’s a very good thing.

  4. Mr Reyes as a failed democratic congressional candidate, a failed independent congressional candidate and failed republican congressional candidate, I would think that I could count on your lawyering skills to be able to read and discipher this negative aspect of QCE and Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom on Hispanics and the Dream act.

  5. I understand why you want to change the subject Julie because if you had read all the way through my post, you would have come upon this:

    “Can’t wait to see how many ‘job opportunities’ Mike Jacobs offers to illegals rather than to his family, friends and cronies.”

    So I was jabbing Jacobs, not the DREAMers, although I thought it was required for an employer to check the legal status of workers, but maybe Obama abolished that with his PEN & PHONE ™.

    I always thought the IL version of the DREAM Act was odd; the money is from private sources but it is administered by a “commission” which I’m sure is ripe for graft.

    The TX version passed several years ago with a wide bipartisan majority—and TX is a deep red state that has been run by the GOP for ages. The TX act allows undocumented children to receive the same in-state tuition at colleges that the documented receive.

    Oh yeah, Rick Perry and the TX universities devised a Bachelor’s Degree for only $10,000. It’s not for slackers or the unmotivated, but they have made college more affordable—documented or not. In IL all they do is whine about their pensions.

  6. I don’t believe that Senator Mike Jacobs has hiring and firing capabilities I his job description.

    I felt your “jab” was illogical and just plain nonsense.

    I am glad Texas gives free education to its slaves kids congratulations.

    So are you for or against the Illinois dream act.

    We know where Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom stands on this issue along with his marry band Schilling, Anderson and the Woz march in lockstep.

  7. Congratulation to Sen. Mike Jacobs and other area Democrats on securing a top-spot in the Quinn Admistration for local Hispanic Leader Greg Aguilar. It’s wonderfull to see a local Hispanic leader secure a key government position.

  8. Julie,

    What does me losing the one and only election I was in (as a write-in independent with obviously no chance of winning and we all knew that) have to do with my lawyering skills or my ability to discern an imaginary insult that only you see?

    Seems like you’re employing the standard and usual level of liberal logic. I know for a fact that Bill Bloom is in favor of immigration reform because we’ve talked about it and from what I can tell, Bobby has come around on the subject as well.

    Can you tell us a single thing Durbin’s former babysitter has done for this District since taking office? Hell, can you tell us her stance on Immigration Reform? Because I remember when she was asked about The DREAM Act and immigration reform in general at the democratic primary candidate’s forum in Rockford her response was “Immigration is a complicated issue, and I don’t think there’s any easy solution because if there was a simple solution somebody would’ve thought of it by now.” (that’s a paraphrase but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her exact quote since I have a pretty darn good memory).

  9. You don’t have to have reading comprehension problems to be a Democrat…but it helps!

    Yes Julie, I’m sure poor ol’ Mike Jacobs has absolutely NO clout in the QCs when juicy plum “job opportunities” arise. šŸ˜€

    Also, the TX law doesn’t give “free” college to undocumented students, it only allows them to have the same in-state tuition rates as the documented.
    This law has been on the books since 2001 which makes TX more “progressive” than IL, I suppose.

    I just thought the IL DREAM Act was odd–although maybe not for IL. Rather than do as TX did, this sets up private money for “scholarships” which is administered by a 9 member board appointed by Quinn, which typically adds another layer of government/bureaucracy to what should be a simple plan. Also who gets one of these 9 places makes it a typical Illinois graft situation.

    So whatever, the TX plan is simpler but the IL plan is—-so Illinois.

    Amanda, do tell! I thought Aguilar was just the “multicultural” guy at Augie—what juicy plum job did Quinn get him—-one of the 9 seats on the DREAM Act board? šŸ˜€

  10. Mr. Reyes are you saying that Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom is for The Dream Act?

    Are you saying Schilling, Anderson and the Woz are for the dream act as well?

    And for the record is Eric Reyes for The Dream Act?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    PS. Mr. Reyes did you or did you not file petitions to run for Congress as a Democrat?

    Mr. Reyes did you or did you not file petitions to run for Congress as a Republican?

    Three failed Congressional attempts.

  11. Ugh… Democrats…

    No, Julie. I’m NOT saying anything for Bloom, Schilling, Anderson, or Wozniak. I don’t speak for any of them. You can ask them yourself. You were acting as if Bloom was anti-hispanic and anti immigrant when I know that to be untrue. From our talks I know he is in favor of reforming our current immigration system, how exactly he thinks that should be done is something you can ask him.

    I’ve gone on record multiple times saying I support any law that accomplishes the goals of The DREAM Act, although I think it can be done better than the proposed act itself. I don’t know why you’re pretending to be unaware of this perhaps you’ve read http://www.EricReyes.us/immigration before? Here’s my favorite excerpt:

    “Eric Reyes has taken his years of experience and understanding of immigration procedures and policy and applied to them to the facts in order to come up with a comprehensive plan that is not only fair and balanced, but treats people with respect while upholding the rule of law. Meanwhile, Cheri Bustos refuses to take any stance whatsoever.

    The 17th District deserves a LEADER on this issue but we will only have one if we vote Cheri Bustos out of office.”

    As for your P.S. questions:

    NO, I never filed petitions to run as a democrat. This was widely reported in papers throughout the district. Rather than file the almost 1900 signatures I’d collected, I instead announced that I would be running as an independent because I could no longer associate with the democratic party in good conscience.

    I DID file to run as an independent but filed far less than the required number of signatures (far more than required to run as a democrat or republican though). I was not allowed on the ballot and ran as a write-in.

    I DID file to run as a Republican, but I withdrew from the race and endorsed Bobby Schilling last December. I was not “defeated” or even on the ballot for the March primary.

    So, as I said, I’ve lost one election. Understand yet?

  12. Btw, Julie,

    Is Cheri for The DREAM Act? What about the proposed Senate immigration reform bill? What about the Illinois DREAM Act? Would she have voted for Obamacare if she’d been in office at the time? Does she support a nationally guaranteed right to marriage equality? If so, why hasn’t she drafted legislation to make it happen? Is she opposed to indefinite detention? If so, why did she skip the vote on the Amash Amendment to the NDAA that would have eliminated that totally Unconstitutional power from the President’s pen?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  13. Mr Reyes, as like you I have talked to Congressperson Bustos and she is pro Hispanic so much so that she actually married one and has Hispanic offspring. From our talks I know she is in favor of reforming our current immigration system, how exactly she thinks that should be done is something you can ask her.

    Just because Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom and his puppets Schilling, Anderson and the Woz are for reforming our current immigration system doesn’t mean much to me.

    Remember Mr. Reyes, Adolph Hitler had a Jewish immigration plan as well.

    You might want to look up how that went for the Jews.

  14. Amanda, wasn’t local Hispanic Leader Greg Aguilar just arrested on the other side of the creek? Wonder how that effects his government position?

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