Mike Huckabee Says Evangelicals Are Prepared To Commit Seppuku If They Don’t Get Their Way

From an interview with Mike Huckabee with The Brody File:

“When asked what would happen with evangelical voters if the GOP ditches and downplays social issues, [Huckabee] tells me, ‘It just leaves them at home. They just don’t go vote.'”

How very wise, clever and principled of them. But I’m confused; would pouting, non-voting evangelicals electing social progressives by default be considered seppuku or just circular firing squad?

Inquiring minds, etc.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Says Evangelicals Are Prepared To Commit Seppuku If They Don’t Get Their Way”

  1. Bruce Rauner attended the ACLU’s Bill of Rights Dinner last night and the usual suspects—Illinois Family Institute and Illinois Right To Life Committee threw a righteous hissy denouncing Rauner for associating with such a low crowd.

    Sure the ACLU is mostly leftwing, but this dinner was about more than abortion, and he only attended the reception, not the dinner, and did not speak.

    These purity tests have to stop. This sort of thing might fly in TX, but good lord people, this is leftwing wacko Illinois. Do you really believe Pat Quinn will be better on social issues than Rauner—or that social issues should be at the forefront in an election of governor of a state that is so fiscally messed up? Grow up or you’ll get 4 more years of Quinn.

  2. I am a grown up and I do plan on voting for Governor Pat Quinn.

    Rauner pretends to be for abortion and gay rights but he and his wife give huge sums only to right wing fanatics.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  3. You mean right wing fanatics like Chicago Public Schools? Chicago Red Cross? YMCA? Dartmouth? And those bastions of rightwing extremism University of Chicago, Harvard and University of Illinois?

    It would be nice if you would stop lying, but then your Masters would have to fire you.

    Your comment was edited to delete the tiresome, trite and banal references to “Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom” and Rev. Johnson.

    Step up your game—and STOP LYING! You look like a tool.

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