You Don’t Have To Be An Augustana Graduate To Be Detached From Reality…

but it helps!

Friday the Dick Durbin was at Augustana College touting his latest legislation that would allow refinancing student loans at a lower rate. After Durbin said his piece it was time for The Parade Of Victims

First up was ’10 Augie grad Joshua Schipp who is $80K in the student debt hole:

“Mr. Schipp said he was not prepared for the loan payments waiting for him when he graduated, ‘At first it was a nightmare. I was paying $700 a month in student loans on $11 an hour and the cost of living…”

If nothing else, this is a damning indictment of how inadequate education is in this country to prepare people for real life. Schipp “was not prepared for loan payments”? Really? Did no one tell him what a “loan” was and what was required of him? Pathetic.

The next victim was soon-to-graduate Augie student Cameron Onumah:

“I am willing to pay for my Augustana College education, but I want it to be fair. I want a fair shot in this world. I want to live comfortably. I want to enjoy my youth. I want to be able to save to buy a home. I want the American dream…I felt like I worked so hard in high school and so hard in college, and to tell me now that I went to college, I must defer my American dream. It is not fair.”

Wow! He doesn’t want much, he just wants it all—for a “fair price” to be determined at a later date after he’s had his youth, comfortable life, house and American Dream.

The majors weren’t mentioned for either of these victims, but I’m guessing it wasn’t math, business, finance or economics.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be An Augustana Graduate To Be Detached From Reality…”

  1. yeah, as if kids aren’t force fed enough leftist theology in high school, they are told to be all they can be, they must continue another four years … but this time Big Daddy gov will give them a little loan, and they can party hardy with no parental controls, learning leftist talking points and a lot of hate.

    Education has gone downhill fast, and the anti-capitalists only “create” government jobs and debt, they don’t produce anything. But they will have students begging for more free stuff, claiming they deserve it since they worked so hard in high school.

    good grief

  2. This is hilarious! I have only about $40k in student loans but did every transfer credit and applied for every $1000goodgrades memorial scholarship possible. I am thankful for the federal govt and Wells Fargo for helping me finance my education.

  3. How pathetic of Schipp. You’ve gotten a four year education from Augie and the best job you can find is an $11/hour job? Maybe take a look in the mirror.

    Oh and maybe you should have thought “I can’t afford 4 years of Augustana, maybe I should go to Blackhawk for 2 years”.

    You made your own choices, be responsible for them!

  4. I realy wish that you were a woman that lives in Texas and I could just wish you a happy Mother’s Day but we both know better than that.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  5. I have debt from Augustana AND law school but my payments aren’t nearly that high. Apparently these students have never heard of loan consolidation?

    Sidenote, I suppose it helps that I didn’t major in underwater basket weaving or something that would only get me an $11/hr. job.

    Like I always say when the minimum wage debate come up. Don’t like the minimum wage? Don’t have minimum skills, education, and experience.

    Or, the alternative I use when discussing a “living wage”. Just be the best at what you do and you’ll never have to worry about making a living wage.

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