A Benghazi Denier Speaks Out

A QCTimes report on the two QC area Democrat House members who voted against a measure that would create a select committee to investigate the debacle at Benghazi, included this incredibly dishonest spin:

“Bustos called the loss of four American lives in the attack a tragedy, but she added, ‘it’s unfortunate that today’s partisan approach not only disrespects the families of the fallen, but is potentially is counterproductive to the goal of improving the security of American citizens abroad’.”


The anti-Bustos attack ads just write themselves.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “A Benghazi Denier Speaks Out”

  1. Duhhhhh…nobody but the wack jobs at FOX care about Benghazi. Please try again.

  2. What bipartisan Congresswomen Cheri Bustos says is true!

    Bustos first bill she introduced after taking office attacks wasteful spending and helps ensure government programs are more economical, efficient and effective. Building on that effort she partnered with U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk on a bipartisan idea to cut duplicative services.

    People don’t want partisan gotcha politics like Schilling is selling.

    People want real life solutions like the ones Congresswoman Cheri Bustots is making happen with the likes of Sen Mark Kirk.

  3. Just so we’re clear, Randy Hauser, our resident democratic mouthpiece just told us that he and his ilk don’t care about the Americans that died at Benghazi, nor the cover up that followed. Sooooo glad I walked away from that party.

    Julie then tells us that what Bustos says is true. Without addressing that assertion (although if Bustos said it, the smart bet is that it’s NOT true) I’d like to point out that what Julie herself says is not true.

    Julie claims that Bustos’s first bill “attacks wasteful spending and helps ensure government programs are more economical, efficient and effective.” She also claims that Bustos partnered with Sen. Kirk on “a bipartisan idea to cut duplicative spending.”

    But… Did she REALLY???

    No. Her first bill would have created a new committe of beurocrats that wouldn’t be accountable to the voters. This waste of money committee would be tasked with finding ways to cut government waste. Here’s the kicker. The committee had no authority. All it could do was make recommendations to the House. The committee was limited to the data contained in an analysis that had alreay been done in order to determine how to cut government waste. That’s right. You didn’t misread that. A report already existed that detailed exactly how to cut wasteful spending in government, and rather than simply propose legislation to cut the wasteful spending identified in the study, Bustos introduced a bill that would create more beurocrats and wasteful spending with the task of reading a report and making suggestions based on it. Oh, and it would be a large committee with plenty of six-figure incomes to go around.

    The bipartisan bill Julie refers to was a stunt by the group No-Labels. It was basically a rehashing of Bustos’s original failed joke of a bill.

    How do I know this? Because I bothered to read not just the titles or summaries of the bills, but the actual language of them.

    In summary, Bustos’s solution to reducing government beurocracy and wasteful spending is to create a new beurocracy that spends a bunch of money making suggestions based on a report that’s been available to all of Congress for years.

    Cheri is an empty suit. Bobby Schilling will be a vote for an economic policy that creates an environment for job creation as opposed to simply drawing a triangle on a map with a crayon and hoping jobs appear.

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