Department Of Defense

Illinois Review:

“Wednesday night, four Illinois Democrats—possibly nervous about re-election chances—joined the Republican U.S. House majority in calling for a special counsel to investigate the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative non-profit groups.

Democrat Congress members…Cheryl Bustos (17th) and 22 other Democrats agreed with the Republican majority. All six of Illinois’ Republicans supported the measure, in the 231 to 187 vote.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Department Of Defense”

  1. See how bipartisan Rep Bustos is.

    Rep Cheri Bustos is a great Polotition voting for right over wrong.

    We saw Schilling vote party line time and again.

    Thanks for pointing out Rep Bustos accomplishments.

  2. Who cares…Cheri Bustos will lose by 5% or more.

    Once Chairman Broom gets out the vote like none other by taking back the County Board and County Clerk, voters will come out and pull the lever for straight Republicans like nevar before.

  3. Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom must be perplexed by Congressman Cheri Bustos brave position. Now everyone can see why Congressman Bustos is a leader in the Blue Dog Congressional Caucus. What a brave vote for the right reason. Cheri stands for bipartisan solutions. Perennial candidate Bobby was always for the tea party. Reaching across the party lines is what Congressman Bustos is all about. Bustos 1 – Schilling 0.

  4. Cheri Bustos teamed up with Republican Congressman Chris Gibson on legislation that would put an end to the outrageous payment of tax dollars to deceased people while Bob Schilling let payments to dead people continue.

    Cheri’s bipartisan leadership is what cost Schilling his election.

    People don’t like Schillings lockstep Republican attitude.

  5. Mr. Flea-Bag, there is no such thing as a straight ticket and hasn’t been for quite some time.

    You should at least know that.

    Winning the county board was actually the mantra last election cycle.

    Guess what the Republicans lost one seat.

    With Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom and his antics the Republicans will not pick up one of these seats.

    The Pastor debacle will cost Schilling 3%.

    Bustos by 7%

  6. Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom and his minions doesn’t get it.

    Voters care less about “Benghazi” or Schilling’s Tea Party agenda. Voters want bipartisan government. The kind of government being provided by Congressman Cheri Bustos. Sure, Congressman Bustos calculated move to the middle will alienate a few Democrats, but Cheri is picking up 10 to 20% of Bobby’s crumbling political base.

    I recently noticed several right-wingers crossed party lines and filled Cheri Bustos’ campaign account with cash!!!! Who ever thought old Darryl Reynolds would open his tin box and pour cash into Democrat Cheri Bustos’ campaign coffer? Big get Cheri. Well done!!!!

    I bet Tea Party favorite Bobby Schilling is throwing a fit.


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