Just A Two Way Street, But Now It Goes One Way

Today’s QCOnline had a Letter To The Editor by Rev. Melvin Grimes who is “grieved” by the kerfuffle over Rev. Don Johnson, and says:

**Rev. Don Johnson “prays and fasts” for Obama every Tuesday, so he can’t be a hater

**He knows this because Johnson is his cousin, and

“Finally, perhaps our time would be better spent on examining the facts that will frame this fall’s election, rather than personal attacks and put downs.”

Unfortunately for Rev. Grimes The Internet happened. On June 27, 2010 I did a post about Grimes’ remarks at the RICO NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet and he wasn’t exactly “examining facts” and eschewing “personal attacks and putdowns”.

From the QCTimes link in my post:

“What’s troubling, [Grimes] said, is that after the election of President Barack Obama, there seemed to be a ‘backlash’ across the nation. ‘All those people who were doing a good job keeping their thoughts and feelings underneath and to themselves suddenly opened up’, Grimes said.

It was a shock to see such an attitude of racism boiling up across the nation, particularly after so many people of all races elected Obama to office, he said. It shows ‘there is still much work to do’.”

Lameness on steroids—all those “people of all races” who voted for Obama in ’08 suddenly discovered after he was elected that he was BLACK! OMG! Pathetic, really.

But never mind all that; this account was in the QCTimes while QCOnline had no story on this event, only a list of those who received awards at the banquet. So for QCOnline, Rev. Grimes calling everyone who disagrees with Obama a racist is okey-dokey, but Rev. Johnson calling Obama out for policies he disagrees with—RACIST! Oh yeah, and “inflammatory”.

In a perfect world, if Johnson was called out by the media, Grimes would have been too. But we have to work with the media we have, not the intellectually honest media we wish we had.

And it wouldn’t hurt Johnson’s cousin to examine his heart and mind for intellectual dishonesty, brazen hypocrisy and double standards, either.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

25 thoughts on “Just A Two Way Street, But Now It Goes One Way”

  1. The KKK was Democrat … and Democrats resisted the civil rights movement as the Republican party of Abe Lincoln pushed it.

    So now we have the black leaders whose only stock in trade is seeing a racist behind every tree, and under every rock. But they soak up all the money for their little regimes, while the black inner city goes to hell.

    Obama CHOSE thug Trayvon as his icon of hope. “Become a doper, commit a little burglary, join a gang, get in fights with ‘creepy ass crackers’ … and you too can become a martyr for Obama.”

    Some that don’t want to be around blacks MAY be racist, or may at times just be using common sense. BUT it seems twice as racist to think that just being black means all whites must bow to anything King Obama says, regardless of how many times he lies to us, or what a leftist commie he is.

    Once the race card becomes a weapon, it is a very dangerous form of racism. It’s the kind of thing that inspired many to want George Zimmerman to be murdered in the streets, and to find justification in assaulting random whites “for Trayvon”.

    Too many black “reverends” spend too much time preaching racial discord. But Rev. Sharpton found it even more profitable than being a rat in his cocaine days. And the “Jesse hires” are known in Chicago for having cushy jobs for life as friends of the reverend, though the reverends son was caught looting his campaign fund, and is doing 2.5 years in prison.

    And how can we forget Obama’s church of 20 years, that praises Farrakhan … who has been “perceived as antisemitic, anti-white and prejudiced against gays”.

    Yeah .. I’m not feelin’ a lot of love there, or that we “live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”, as MLK dreamed for his four little children.

  2. Well yeah, when I was reading through all this I got the impression that Rev. Grimes was saying even though his cousin Johnson might be a racist, but at least he OUR racist.

    Or something. The total disconnect between Grimes’ racist rants and Johnson’s perceived racist rants was just bizarre to me.

  3. IBruce Rauner condemns the inflammatory remarks written by Rev. Johnson and “believes such language has no place in our society,” a statement from Mr. Rauner’s office said. “After learning of his association with the event, the campaign has decided to forgo the dinner.”

    So who advised Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom, Bobby Schilling, Niel Anderson and WOZ to provide such a warm reception to the controversial Rev. Johnson?

    “I think Rev. Johnson is a great guy,” Mr. Bloom said in a recernt DA story.

    Rather than “double down on stupid” RIco Republican should have followed Ranuner’s lead and head for the hills!

  4. That’s really classy Amanda—calling a black, liberal preacher like Rev. Grimes a liar. Evidently Rev. Grimes agrees with Bill Bloom that Rev. Johnson is a good guy, so what are you? A racist?

  5. Why does the RICO GOP keep writing letters and beating this dead horse.

    You aren’t going to win/defeat the media on this so just LET IT GO.

    Broom apparently hasn’t learned this lesson.

  6. Trying to play this, GOP Party Boss Bill Blooms mascot, Pastor Jonson out to be a a martyr is racist homophobic at best.

    Why not tell us how Donald Sterling is a good guy as well.

    People don’t care what either of these mens credentials are, or where they went to school.

    Sterling and Johnson being the type of men who the GOP wants to hitch their wagons to is a troubling way for Bill Bloom to steer his party.

    The local Republicans should have followed the Republican Gubernatorial Billionaire candidates instincts to disassociate from the Pastor rather than giving him a standing ovation.

    On another note, has anyone seen this paranoid sexist fundraising letter that GOP Party Boss Bill Bloom has sent out to his people as a way to fund the Republican headquarters with security cameras and armed security guards to thwart the bad guys from attacking his headquarters?

    I have heard that a top Democrat has the letter and I need to hear more on this letter.

  7. Mr. F-b. are you claiming that a black liberal preacher who accused those criticizing Obama as racists is part of the vast right wing RICO GOP conspiracy?


    Oh wait—now I get it! Grimes is writing Letters To The Editor in service of his leftwing ideology and to get Democrats elected and re-elected by keeping this in the public eye!

    Nefarious—and crafty, to say the least.

  8. NO. My point is that RIGHT OR WRONG, they need to let the issue go. There are going to ZERO votes gained from bringing up this subject.

    They can write all the letters they want, but beating this dead horse is just moronic.

    I thought Broom was going to focus on the County Board and County Clerk’s office instead of Rev. Johnson’s reputation?

  9. Really Julie, comparing Rev. Johnson to Sterling is a bridge to far and you have damaged your credibility here with that over-the-top hyperbole.

    But if anyone has an emailable (?) copy of this “paranoid, sexist fundraising
    letter” help me out because, being out of the loop, I am forced to rely on the kindness of strangers for this stuff.

  10. OK, Mr. F-b, I agree with you but I still don’t get how you connect leftwing Rev. Grimes to Bloom.

    Please, explain since I’m obviously missing something here.

  11. I read letters to the editor from Broom all the time. I’d bet a hefty penny that the letter from Mr. Grimes was the grand idea of “The Breakfast Club”.

    If I’m wrong…then I apologize.

  12. Honestly, you’re claiming Grimes is a tool of the Vast Right-Wing GOP RICO Conspiracy?



  13. I’d bet a hefty Penny that the RICO GOP knew about the letter before it was published. Just a hunch.

  14. I imagine that GOP Party Boss Bill Bloom could send you a copy.
    If I had it I would send it to you.

    The point is that Donald Sterling would be categorized as a good man to his cousin as well.

    The Republicans can’t get past this after Schilling, Anderson and the Woz gave Pastor Johnson and their Party Boss a standing ovation.

    They have no credibility to win in November after their blunder.

  15. Although I’m sure this is a distinction without a difference to you Julie, the fact that Johnson was open and honest in his opposition to Obama’s policies and Sterling’s racist rant was recorded secretly does mean something to me.

    Johnson was obviously provoking debate and dialogue about liberal policies and how they damage the black community—Sterling, not so much.

    The corrupt and partisan D/A picked out the most inflammatory comments from Johnson’s books in order to create news and controversy, which they declined to do when Grimes accused every white person of racism who didn’t march lockstep with Obama’s ideology.

    With so little information, Rauner did the right thing by fleeing—he knew once the press was on this he would spend the rest of his campaign explaining Johnson rather than attacking Quinn as the feckless hack he is. Can’t explain about Schilling/The Woz/Anderson, but when they gave Johnson a standing O, they surely knew sooner or later someone would ask them about it on the campaign trail.

    I assume all three are ready, willing and able to make their case.

  16. Julie on May 8, 2014 at 8:42 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    You are assuming that Schilling, Anderson and the Woz have answers for holding this Pastor close to their bosoms.

    These three walking lockstep with these wacky ideas will be a huge problem come election time.

    You gloss over this paranoid sexist letter by GOP Party Boss Bill Bloom looking for money to pay for armed guards and security cameras to guard their headquarters.

    You talk about the transparency of Pastor Johnson but where is the transparency for this Republican fund raising letter.

    Have they sent this to you?
    Are they hiding this from you and the public?

    Don’t worry my understanding is that you will see it.

    Schilling, Anderson and the Woz will pay for the mistakes of GOP Party Boss Bill Blooms mistakes.

    You never admitted that Schilling, Albracht and Anderson were ignorant to elections for being sure they were going to win as you pointed out even though they lost by 6%, 11% and 29%.

    What Arrogance!

  17. Why Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom ignored Billionaire Bruce Rauner’s advice and embraced Reverend Johnson to his bosom is beyond my comprehension. While Bill Bloom is arrogant, I never thought him a fool.

    Boss Bloom should resign and quickly change the narrative. If local Republicans continue to associate with “hate speech” and “double down on stupid” then they are courting certain political disaster.

    What doesn’t Boss Bloom get? The DA buys ink by the barrel. To blame the DA for pointing out obvious inflammatory and homophobic statements made by Reverend Johnson is crazy. Fact is, Boss Bill Bloom asked Rev. Johnson to serve as entertainment, not media mogul Jerry Taylor. For Boss Bloom to act as if he didn’t know this event would turn into a total melt-down is ludicrous.

    In my mind, the controversial letter sent by Republican Party Boss Bloom provides further evidence into the mindset of a sexist, paranoid old white man desperate to hold onto personal power!

    Truly it’s time for “CLEAN SLATE” to turn the local Republican Party away from the controversy and corruption that has engulfed it in recent days. Keeping Rev. Jonson as the Republican Party mascoy makes no sense!

  18. It is interesting to me how the Dems have changed their game since I was blogging in ’11. Previously, they were all about death threats, Hare For POTUS and other inane and buffoonish comments.

    They are now attempting a new level of sophistication I never thought possible.

    While there are mobys and sock puppets on both sides, I congratulate the Dems for stepping up their game from the days when HARE LOST IN A LANDSLIDE!


    But moving on, I have not seen this magical, mystical “sexist, paranoid old white man” fundraising letter—if it even exists.

    What I also find interesting and entertaining is that the Schilling wing of the RICO GOP often mirrors the RICO Dems. Mobys? Sock Puppets? Meeting of the minds? Stockholm Syndrome? Political realists?



    Julie, you evidently misunderstood me. I didn’t say Schilling/Woz/Anderson said or told me they would win in ’12, this was my independent opinion after doing some research in QCOnline’s archives of the ’12 race. I got the impression that even the D/A thought the GOP would do better locally.

    I don’t know any of these people and I am not now, nor have I ever been a RICO GOP insider.

    Hope that clears it up.

  19. You act like the Schilling Wing and Dems are the only people who use “sock puppets”. 95% of posts on these walls are by “sock puppets”.

    What a hoot!

  20. If you look at my last comment again, I think I made the point that sock puppets and mobys are bipartisan. 😀

    If not, that was my intent.

  21. My point was that you need to remove “Schilling Wing” from the sentence. RICO GOP folk use sock puppetry just as much. (i.e. “Faux John Shweppe)

    Just looking to make this blog “fair and balanced”.

  22. Unfortunately I’ve never been interested in being “fair and balanced”, but I take your point and will be more specific in the future.

  23. Regardless of whether Schilling/Woz/Anderson/ bill Albracht said or told you they would win in ’12 or you gleaned it from your intergooglings,the point is that to be so wrong shows both an ignorance and arrogance.

    I just wish that you could bring yourself to say that these people and not you were either ignorant or bad at understanding the electorate.

  24. Unfortunately Julie, I simply do not have enough information to make a determination if “these people…were either ignorant or bad at understanding the electorate.”

    I left the QCs in August ’11 and didn’t really pay much attention to QC politics until recently, and as such missed the entire ’12 election cycle.

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