Headline Hoot Of The Day


I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this headline on QCOnline.

You’ll remember this Kounty Kerfuffle concerned RICO Board member Don Johnston and a long time county assistant with mutual charges flying about name calling, bullying, FOIA requests, overtime/comp pay, Johnston’s girlfriend’s daughter getting fired from her county job, etc. etc.

So after I stopped laughing, I began wondering why this particular event was considered “affecting Rock Island County’s image” when this crap has been going on for decades:

**County Board Democrat Nick Camlin caused the county to pay a $10,700 fine for botching a monthly employee report

**Three whistleblowers filed suit against the county for the JTPA debacle

**RICO Board Chair was caught charging taxpayers for gas mileage going to and from work

**Former County Clerk Dick Leibovitz was investigated by the feds for enriching himself with taxpayer $$$ while in office—we never did find out what happened with that

**Former SA Jeff Terronez disgraced and disbarred for lying to the state police, for getting booze for minors, for using taxpayer $$$$ to take two young girls on a party trip to Champaign, etc.

**Former County Sheriff Mike Huff caught using his county credit card for personal use

**Mike Jacobs, who never ran for an election in his life elevated to state Senate by his daddy and a few of his daddy’s cronies

**Phil Hare, who never ran for election in his life was elevated to US Congress by his powerful patron

**Popular former US congressman Lane Evans found to have won re-election by violating campaign finance laws in 1998 and 2000

**Money allocated for courthouse maintenance spent elsewhere and no one is held accountable so that the judges may have to sue the county.

Etc. Etc.

Gentle reader, this Johnston/Chapman scandal isn’t a one-off; it is just one event of many in the Culture of Corruption that has infected One Party Democrat Rule Rock Island County for decades.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

24 thoughts on “Headline Hoot Of The Day”

  1. Not bad, other than Jeff Terronez not a single Democrat has been convicted of any crime in the past 50 years. Nor has a single Democrat called Reverend Johnson his “brother”. No that prize goes to RICO Republican Boss Bill “I don’t know anything about the indictment” Bloom.

    Bobby may well be under criminal scrutiny right now for paying himself a monthly fee for his campaign office which he surprisingly owns.Talk about one hand washing the other!

  2. As you must know there is a difference between corruption and being convicted of a crime.

    But still, I would add Lane Evans to your list. His campaign paid the $185,000 fine rather than fight to clear his name and the federal judge handling the case said “Evans’ personal culpability in the scheme was clear”.

    In other words, the rest of us would be sent to prison but the politically powerful get a skate—except for Terronez who really went beyond the beyond. I know this because Lisa Madigan came down to the QCs personally to do damage control for the local Democrat Party.

    But hey, by all means keep beating the Johnson drum since you Democrats have absolutely NOTHING else to run on except character assassination—just like your hero Barack Obama.

    Besides, what else can Jacobs, Verschoore and Smiddy run on? Second highest unemployment in the nation? Second highest state that residents want to flee? 48th in job creation? Second highest property tax in the nation? What else do they have except Fear & Smear?

    But hey, I’m beginning to realize you and Mr. F-b are working in tandem.

  3. I’ll save Mr. Flea-bag the trouble by posting a MFb-style comment:

    Examples like this are why we MUST take our state back. In our area that begins with taking back the county board and kicking out Karen Kinney as our county clerk.

  4. I’m insulted by that. My posts contain way more thought, and are way better written than a typical Randy Hauser post.

    C’mon Examiner…lets stop with the low blows.

    But isn’t this how we stop the items you mention above? Who cares about federal and state races. Change starts at the LOCAL LEVEL.

  5. Yeah, and I’m insulted that you sent my personal emails to you to Terry Schilling who proceeded to go into an unhinged frothing-at-the mouth rage against me.

    You have no standing to be “insulted” or whine about “low blows” as far as I’m concerned.

    If Schilling wins in November it will be because he and his staff are even more unprincipled and unethical than the Democrat—which I never thought possible until now.

  6. No…not at all

    But I do have a standing then for the “low blows” of comparing me to Randy Hauser. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m not a one trick pony. I’ve just realized what is important and I’m trying to keep everyone on task and rally the troops.

    Once everybody gets on board we can start knockin on doors, pounding yard signs, and kick ass and take names!

  8. I would say Jacobs and Verschoore have done do much for this area that they are unbeatable.

    Verschoore for sure because he has no one running against him while Jacobs is running against a pension sucking Anderson who has always relied on the Government for a paycheck.

    The truth is the Rock Island casino, Western Illinois University, the train from Chicago to QC, the Sale of Thomson prison to be used for Guantanamo Bay detention camp prisoners, the new I74 bridge, and the QC having the lowest unemployment in Illinois just to name a few.

    These thing don’t just happen and Senator Jacobs and Rep Verschoore are directly responsible.

    Don’t forget Jacobs has beaten many Democrats including powerhouse Rep Mike Boland. Jacobs has also beaten four tough Republicans including war wounded Medal of Honor applicant by 11%.

    Don’t forget that Rep Verschoore was appointed as well as Jacobs and Hare. Rep Vershoore also has beaten so many great Republican candidates, including a London School of Economics graduate, by landslide that the Republicans couldn’t find anyone with the courage to run against Rep Verschoore.

  9. OK Julie, I’m mostly buying what you’re selling except for “powerhouse Mike Boland”, the RI Casino was established before Mike’s/Pat’s time, Thomson being used to house terrorists, Anderson is “pension sucking” but Jacobs and Verschoore aren’t?, “four tough Republicans” like the under indictment Bertelsen?, etc.

    Having lived in the QCs for 35 years I know how tough it is for the GOP to break through, but I noticed you didn’t mention Smiddy/The Woz.

    Hopenchange in the 71st?

    The Democrats have been in power for so long in he QCs that any good thing can be attributed to them—but the bad?

  10. Are you conceding Jacobs defeating the War Hero Albracht by 11% was a great victory only attained by the accomplishments of his time in his Senate seat.

    I wish I would get credit for spreading light of transparency that Verschoore was appointed in a back room deal. It is obvious that Rep Verschoore and Sen Jacobs are pension suckers.

    The Republicans are usually against pensions and this guy Anderson has had a Government job ever since he quit his dream of being a chiropractor. Anderson is a pension sucker and I only wish you would praise me for shedding the transparency on this issue.

    As far as Rep Boland he was a hero of the people of the 71st and a great person who had his career ended by Sen Jacobs.

  11. What I’m willing to concede is that I was in Texas and out of the loop during the’12 election. A few days ago I decided to search the QCOnline archives in order to determine what policy positions The Woz and Anderson held.

    I lived in Boland’s district for 35 years and he was no “hero” to me—he was a joke.

    But what I discovered in my research is that everyone was completely flummoxed by the fact that Jacobs won over Albracht, that Bustos won over Shilling and that Morthland lost to Smiddy.

    I don’t really know what to make of this except voter fraud happens.

  12. I imagine Julie was referring to Boland’s string of 18 election victories before he vainly “jumped the shark” and lost to Big Mike Jacobs.

    You are right about the casino too. The RI Casino was originally created by Mike’s dad Denny. Even so, Senator Mike Jacobs and Rep. Verschoore did sponsor legislation that allowed Jumers to move from downtown out to the Highway creating hundreds of new jobs, millions of dollars in revenue for taxpayers in RI and tripling the facilities size.

    The reason Anderson “sucks goverment pension” is because he has been on the government dole his entire adult life. Verschoore has been in political office for 12 years and Jacobs has been in for 9, so I doubt either man will see a pension anytime soon. Just saying.

    Rep, Mike Smiddy is the strongest labor politicians in Illinois. Afscme has taken Rep. Smiddy under their wing. This “Woz character” is a virtual unknown. WOZ can’t raise money like Afscme and isn’t doing anything other than posting funny comments on his web page.

    By the way Cowgirl, when did Republican Mercer County Treasurer Mike Bertelsen get indicted? Did this elected Republican politician really steal money from taxpayers? These Republicans!

    What ever happend to that other Republican candidate that Jacobs rolled-over? The corporate guy that work for Deere, General Electric, and the Arsenal? You know, the guy that graduated from West Point Military Academy? I think his name is Beals? That’s right, James Beals. What ever happend to him? Beals seems a lot more qualified to me than Anderson.

  13. I can’t/won’t argue with reality—in 2010 the Illinois Democrats won all the beans and so got to draw the map just they way they wanted it. No doubt about it—Schilling, Anderson and The Woz face an uphill battle to victory.

    The crux is that if Illinois voters like their corrupt government they can vote for the status quo—or change.

    Back in ’10 I decided that Illinois liked their corrupt government just fine–so left for (not so literally) greener pastures. All my relatives have fled the state so I don’t really care what happens—except schadenfreude.

  14. Voter fraud?



    Senators Mike Jacobs and Rep Pat Verschoore have been very proactive and bringing things into the QC.

    The game changing Western Illinois University, the train from Chicago to QC, the Sale of Thomson prison to be used for Guantanamo Bay detention camp prisoners, the new I74 bridge, and the QC having the lowest unemployment in Illinois just to name a few.

    People vote for these kind of accomplishments and not Republican catch phrases.

    If you are referring to the Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom, Rep Schilling, and War Hero and Medal of Honor applicant Bill Albracht as everyone then you may be right.

    If you had asked me.
    Not so much!

    As for these Republicans I agree that they seem completely flummoxed by the fact that Senator Jacobs won over Albracht by 11%, Rep Verschoore won by 29% over pension sucking hypocrite Neil Anderson that Rep Bustos over Schilling.

    Arrogance and a clear lack of understanding of the electorates desire for accomplishment is the issue.

    Schilling never got one thing done in the two years that he was there. I don’t think he even passed a bill.

    As for Jacobs the record is clear and strong.

    If Jacobs had won by 1% then you might have an argument but Jacobs won by 11% which shows that the “everyone” that you speak are ignorant and not very good at reading the electorate.

    The QC and the great State of Illinois are for progress and Senator Jacobs and Rep Verschoore are proof of that.

    At least admit that 11% and 29% are landslide victories and that these boobs that thought they were going to win were delusional.

  15. Powerfull Democrat Centeral Committeeman Don Joihnston is prince of a man. As one of the most eligible bachelors and nattier dressers in the entire QCs, I find it hard to belive Don would talk to this politically connected secretary in this way. Don knows how to treat people and if this politically connected secretary tried to protect corruption than I’am sure Don was doing his job and trying to root it out.

    Now that you and your relatives have moved away to Texas, you are no longer resposible for being the Queen of QC Blogs. Let go of your hatred towards Terry Schilling (Booby’s appointed campaign handler). Holding tightly to old grudges not only drags you down, but “Falwess” as well.

    Face facts Cowgirl. Things didn’t work out for you in Illinois. You had no standing, no cash, no clout, nobody cared what you said or did, so why are you spending all your free time and energy teathered to your old haunts? Move along Cowgirl. Honky tonks are calling your name. Go roll in the pollution. Skip your yearly Dentist appointment. Stop showering. Hire one of those illegals to do your yard work. YEEEEEE-HAW!!

  16. I understand your plight QCE. You were partially responsible for Bobby’s success in 2010.

    Bobby lost without you and your old friend Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom called on you to bring back the blog that brought Schilling to prominence.

    This Nortwestern Illinois blog is your life.

    QCE is your destiny!

    Texas is a virtual wasteland of corruption, full of Illegal alien slave labor. It is not your home.

    I for one applaud your efforts to effect change in your past as to change Texas were you have no standing or past would be meaningless.

    You can help Schilling again but I do not see it being enough to get Schilling over the finish line.

    At least you can be a somebody here which is a wonderful thing.

  17. QCe,

    Now that you a giving up this blog, I wonder if you would want to sell it to me? First, I live here in Illinois and you reside far away Texas. Second, you and I both dislike the Flawless. Third, although I dislike his handpicked son as campaig manager, Terri never yelled at me before. Fourth, you seem like a nice lady and if I wasn’t spoken for you are the type I find interesting. So if I offered you $500 would you accept it? Think of all the cool stuff you could purchase in such a low wage state like Tejas. Well what do you think?

  18. Rep Pat Verschoore, Rep Boland and Senator Mike Jacobs used their power to get Dick Leibovitz out of his Federal Bureau of Investigation corruption charges. They swept the Grand Jury’s finding right under the rug.

    With Power like that why would anyone ever vote against these great men.

  19. You are assuming that Schilling, Anderson and the Woz have answers for holding this Pastor close to their bosoms.

    These three walking lockstep with these wacky ideas will be a huge problem come election time.

    You gloss over this paranoid sexist letter by GOP Party Boss Bill Bloom looking for money to pay for armed guards and security cameras to guard their headquarters.

    You talk about the transparency of Pastor Johnson but where is the transparency for this Republican fund raising letter.

    Have they sent this to you?
    Are they hiding this from you and the public?

    Don’t worry my understanding is that you will see it.

    Schilling, Anderson and the Woz will pay for the mistakes of GOP Party Boss Bill Blooms mistakes.

    You never admitted that Schilling, Albracht and Anderson were ignorant to elections for being sure they were going to win as you pointed out even though they lost by 6%, 11% and 29%.

    What Arrogance!

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