Give The People What They Want

QCOnline recently published an article about the various plans to raise the minimum wage in Illinois.

There is the graduated Democrat Smiddy plan in the House, a comparable Democrat bill in the Senate and GOPer Oberweis’ Senate bill which also provides for graduated minimum wage for those over age 26. Also a nonbinding referendum might be in the works.

This push for minimum wage increase is yet another cynical ploy by Democrats to get their base out to vote in November.

According to QCO, the median hourly wage in the QCs is $15.25 while the hourly wage for bar, restaurant, hotel and child care workers is just above the minimum at $8.80.

QCO asked Mike Jacobs about this and he was pro-hike; Verschoore was hiding in the bathroom when the call came. And what the hell happened to Jacobs? He used to be a reliable pro-business Democrat, but somewhere along the way he morphed into just another lockstepping liberal by voting for massive tax increases, gay marriage, and now minimum wage. After so many years in Springfield, it is possible that Jacobs is yet another victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

But never mind that, what I want to propose is giving employers and employees a choice since the Democrats seem hell bent on ramming this down their throats. How about employers giving their employees a choice between the minimum wage, or as the Dutch do, pay workers 5 beers, 1/2 pack of rolling tobacco, $13 and a free hot lunch?

Sure only alcoholics are allowed in the Dutch program, but why couldn’t this be expanded here in order to give both employers and employees a choice? There is nothing politicians love more than spending other people’s money unless it is dictating how other people can spend their own damned money. This idea of offering either the minimum wage or beer, tobacco, pocket change and hot meal embodies the Democrat ideal of “choice”.

That’s a Win-Win in my opinion.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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