“There Are Two Ways The Illinois Legislature Can Screw You…

when they do something and when they don’t.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on ““There Are Two Ways The Illinois Legislature Can Screw You…”

  1. 34 of the 50 States in America have a progressive income tax and they like their state more than Illinoisans like Illinois.

    I guess it figures that we should have a progressive income tax as well , then we would not have to have the 2% flat tax increase and everybody would love Illinois once again.

    Everybody wins!

  2. Fascinating logic, and so much more interesting and original than the banal class warfare whine about how the richest guy in Illinois now pays the same rate as a WalMart drone and how this “fair” tax will get us all the $$$$ we need to fill the Springfield Black Hole, even though the “temporary” 67% tax hike was promised to git ‘er done, etc.

    Julie, I like your style! 🙂

  3. Examples like this are why we MUST take our state back. In our area that begins with taking back the county board and kicking out Karen Kinney as our county clerk.

    Has anybody heard when can we start putting yard signs up here? I know out here in Aledo I think we have to wait until a certain time due to a city rule?

  4. People are so ignorant here!

    The issue was not being taxed.

    The issue was being taxed by the British.

    This being the reason they teach in second grade.

    No Taxation without Representation!

    We have representation here.

    We are taxed by we the people.


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