Illinois Taxpayers Forced To Pay The Piper…


Remember back in the day—say January 2011 when the Illinois Democrats voted along straight party lines in the middle of the night on the last day of the session to raise your taxes 67% and the reason they gave for this massive infusion of your cash into the Black Hole Of Springfield was summed up like this by Pat Quinn:

“This is a temporary income tax to deal with the immediate fiscal emergency our state faces; to pay bills so we don’t have severe cutbacks in education, health care, public safety, important things that are absolutely vital to the lies of the citizens.”

All the QC Democrats voted for this increase—Jacobs, Verschoore and the thankfully departed Boland. All parroted the party line that it was “the right thing to do”, etc.

But that was then and this is now and the same $$$$ grabbers are now attempting to make the “temporary” permanent, which frankly isn’t all that surprising. But what isn’t widely known is that most of this new money didn’t go to “education, health care, public safety, important things”—oh no, it went to the pension fund these hacks had looted for years to spend on other things—so now you are forced to pay TWICE for public employee pensions.

But don’t take my word for it, believe the Establishment Party Mouthpiece, Rich Miller:

“Keep in mind that just about every penny of the income tax increase has been used to make the state’s pension payments.”

Now don’t you feel better? Mike Jacobs was out front with his vote to spend the pension money on other stuff because Blago said it was OK; don’t you just want to race right out and support him for another term for forcing you to pay for his blunders—again?

And again.

Being an Illinois Democrat means you never have to say you’re sorry—and you can always get taxpayers to pay for your mistakes—because they’re too stupid to notice.

Hey, speaking of stupid, did the GOP ever get someone to run against Verschoore, or was he deemed just Too Damned Awesome?


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None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Illinois Taxpayers Forced To Pay The Piper…”

  1. Illinois Mirror provides a brutal and well deserved take down of Quinn and his enabler Rich Miller’s spin that Quinn didn’t actually “promise” the hike would be “temporary”:

    “…all Rich Miller is doing is bending over backwards to defend Quinn and try to make him look consistent in spite of the man’s own words.”

    Illinois Mirror is too kind—I’d say Miller is bending over THE OTHER WAY in service of The Establishment Party.

    Rich Miller is a wealthy man (and power to him!) because he chose to trade access to The Powerful in exchange for “reporting” The Powerful found pleasing.

  2. So once again I ask, what programs or budget lines will you slash QCe? Please be as specific as possible, as you need to cut $2.8 billion out of the budget before June 1, 2014. Well go ahead Cowgirl, show us how you and Mr. Anderson plan to cut programs. Crickets play us out?

    I wonder if Neil will give up his cost of living increase, his hefty government pension, or any of his last ten pay raises, or perhaps Mr. Anderson could reimburse the state for teaching him how to become a paramedic? Crickets once again QCe?

    That’s the problem with radical Republicans — they are unable to back-up empty rhetoric with facts.

  3. Hey Randy—since I don’t live in Illinois they can cut everything out of the whole damned budget—send the sick and poor out to the streets and make all those useless bureaucrats look for real jobs in the private sector that don’t require them to suck off taxpayer’s teats. But just as a suggestion, taxpayers should not have to prop up the wealthy Rich Miller by financing his gossip sheet for bureaucrats.

    Don’t ask me to defend Neil Anderson since he doesn’t seem to be doing much to make his case himself. If the voters feel they need to re-elect the thuggish nep Mike Jacobs, power to ’em. My Texas state senator is an ER physician; your state senator is a nep who got his job in a dirty backroom deal his daddy got him.

    Out here in God’s Country a/k/a Texas, we manage just fine without state income tax—what’s the matter with Illinois?

  4. For someone that claims to have moved on you seem very attached to your home state. My advice, visit a shrink for separation anxiety.

    Yes, Illinois could stop enforcing required pollution laws, let the poor roam in the dust, but eventually someone still has to cut the budget by $29 billion by June 1. As I surmised, you are as clueless as Anderson. Crickets?

  5. Easy—Texas doesn’t need help since it is doing just fine–but Illinois which is at the bottom of just about every list for success, needs prodding and pushing. Are you really trying to defend the FACT that Illinois has the second highest unemployment rate? Has the second highest rate of people who are fleeing the state like rats from a sinking ship? Polls that show half the people of Illinois would move if they could, etc.

    But still–if you are looking for places to cut the budget, ask your pal Rich Miller to reject taxpayer $$$$ for his gossip sheet. Just do it, then we’ll know you are serious and not just some hack.

    But here’s a question for you: Mike Jacobs admitted he stiffed the pension fund because Blago told him to. Why the hell should taxpayers have to pay for Mike’s poor judgment—twice?

  6. God’s Texas country is hotter than Hades … but they have oil and a coast and independent thinkers.

    But you know, Illinois has lotsa coal … but coal plants are being shut down by Obama’s thugs. So we do have resources, and coal must be in our future, but the Chicago Machine has their man in the White House … so we can’t tap in, YET.

    I’m a hopin’ that Rauner will win and get more aggressive after election. He can’t come out now and say he will put union bosses in prison for collusion with politicians, but that is what is needed.

    Randy wants specifics on what to cut, because Dem’s like to run (e.g. buy votes) on “we will never cut anything … we will give you everything for free”. And that has worked so far, as America’s kids are sold into deep debt for generations to come.

    But the lucrative deals that were cut by unions, coordinating with their bought politicians, give early retirement to incompetent boobs that could never be fired, that want to keep their lucrative pensions they receive starting at age 55. It is all a SCAM. Any quid pro quo is ILLEGAL.

    The “piper” term is good in the sense that the children are the ones led off to slavery. But the piper played for the adults, with lies about pensions being fully funded. Or after that couldn’t be done without voter revolt, they made a new law that said even if we break the “fully funded law”, taxpayers must STILL fork it over. (and what the hell kind of evil crap was that BS law? It was pure intent to deliberately flout the “fully funded pensions” law, afaik)

    The pensioners gleefully bribed the piper (union mob thugs) so they could be incompetent, yet retain high paying 9 month jobs, retire early, and retain fixed benefits for life.

    And all this pity for the fireman or police or teacher that sacrifices so much, or risks so much … REALLY? How dangerous are their lives … really? Nothing close to a tour in Iraq. Yet these prima donnas must be treated like Greek gods? They sacrificed so much for us?

    I appreciate their efforts, but I risked my life on a ladder, on a narrow ledge, 20 feet over pavement, no back up, and it was just a routine part of my work. And finally I would now like some recognition for the risks I took … where is my pension? πŸ˜‰

    But really … God bless our troops, and screw the greedy “free ticket on the public dime, I retires early cuz I gots me that goviment jawb” gang.

  7. πŸ™‚

    But really … America has coal … it works … the CO2 crap is baloney .. just scrub the more coarse stuff and we are good to go. CO2 sequestration is such a load of crap, I think it must surely be a communist plot. There truly is outside support to these lefties, to try “turn us” (flip US, as a nation) … to communist/socialist crap. And why should we be surprised that outside entities would spend money here, to try to weaken us?

    “America is home to the biggest supply of coal reserves in the world. Over 27% of total coal reserves exist in the United States, which translates into roughly 250 billion tons of recoverable reserves. If we continue to use coal at the current rate we have enough stashed away in rock cliffs and under Midwestern corn fields to last 250 to 275 years.

    We have barely begun to tap our real reserves, which seems to be why some work so hard to shut us down. “Black Power” equals COAL. πŸ™‚

  8. According to the left wing rag The Wall Street Journal

    Texas. Iowa. Illinois

    Key Facts
    Taxes Paid Per Capita
    $3,104. $3,660. $4,512

    Per Capita Income
    $39,142. $38,200. $44,224

    Tax Burden
    7.9%. 9.6%. 10.2%

    Property Taxes Paid Per Capita
    $1,461. $1,312. $1,763

    Income Taxes Paid Per Capita
    $0. $871. $736




    IL WINS BY $3,674

    Of course these are subject to WSJ numbers.

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