Punch Back Twice As Hard

Illinois Review has a very interesting article featuring RICO GOP Chair Bill Bloom and Rev. Don Johnson giving an energetic and full-throated push back on the Rauner/RICO Lincoln Day Dinner Debacle.

Bloom says this was manufactured news by the D/A, which it was since they admitted it in a published article. According to Bloom “(t)he whole intent of this episode was to either damage Rauner’s campaign, or to damage Republicans in northwest Illinois…I want them to fail in both of these gambits.”

Johnson defends and explains his views and charges the media took the most inflammatory quotes of his books out of context in order to gin up controversy. Not surprising.

The article also features various black Illinois conservatives who give whole-hearted support to Johnson and his views.

Johnson gets the last word:

“We must not allow the Democratic Party to define our identity or to determine our issues…The issues the Republican Party has stood for up until the last eight or nine years are the ones that have drawn the voters to come out.”

Amen Reverend, and bravo to you and Bloom for coming out with guns blazing rather than being cowed by the corrupt media and their Democrat allies.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

17 thoughts on “Punch Back Twice As Hard”

  1. I find it ironic that the GOP Republicans are hitching their wagons for victory on a radical black preacher that the Republican nominee for Governor has publicly denounced.

    Who is wrong the RICO GOP or Rauner.

    Not a good position to be in for the locals.

  2. Here is what the RICO GOP needs to ask themselves at the end of the day. Would they rather…

    1. Say at the end of the day “we stuck to our principles” and keep talking about radical social issues. While losing every election at the local/state/federal level.

    2. Win elections and focus on issues that independents and moderates care about. (This may involve swallowing their pride and compromising at certain times)

    Tick Tick Tick Tick……

  3. Julie and Mr. F-b agree! QC Examiner: Bringing the Right and Left Together!

    Here’s what I think; Julie and F-b are correct concerning GOP candidates in statewide races (like Rauner) and even in congressional races like the 17th which “leans Democrat” the last I heard.

    But I’m thinking RICO might be a different animal. Sure it is Democrat dominated, but mostly blue collar Dem or what used to be called Reagan Democrats. They might be pro-union but they tend to be social conservatives that don’t buy into the far left agenda of post-birth abortion and gay marriage. Blacks also tend to be social conservatives, so I believe it is possible for social conservatives to have some success in RICO.

    But even aside from all that, I think it is very important that those with traditional values have a political home with the GOP. The definition of traditional marriage has stood for thousands of years but suddenly you are a bigot if you continue to believe what has now been deemed un-PC. This sort of McCarthyism needs to be slapped down early and often and the GOP is the only party able to do it.

    I’m not a social conservative myself, but I do sympathize with those who are and they need to be protected and nurtured in the face of the ugliness that is the current “progressive” movement.

  4. Yes we know how much the Democrats dislike President Obama.

    We know how much African Americans will appreciate the Republicans bad mouthing our President in the name of social conservativism.

    Party Boss Bill Bloom might just bring Donald Sterling in as a way to warm these social conservatives to the republican ledger and their desire of freedom of speech.

    I don’t think it will help Rep Schilling to have his hero rev Johnson being shunned by his leader Bruce Rauner.

  5. That was my point Julie; social conservatism is a loser in a leftwing wacko state like Illinois so that when running for governor a GOPer needs to avoid these issues. It is my understanding that what did in Brady was the Dems were able to convince enough stupid women that he could unilaterally abolish abortion in the state. I was embarrassed to have two X chromosomes! The same applies to the 17th CD which leans Dem, but the RICO GOP has no place else to go for voters except social conservatives.

    RICO GOP has been treated as a hobby/social club for so long that the only way it can rebuild is to appeal to social conservatives which cut across party lines as I have mentioned. Maybe from there it can rebuild from that base but the pro-gay marriage, pro-post-abortion crowd are already voting Dem.

    At the state and congressional level it makes sense to moderate, but I don’t see how that will help the RICO GOP to just be Dem-lite.

    Help me out here—what am I missing?

  6. Miss examiner and Bill Bloom’s thinking that having an African American mascot will help Mr Schilling is pathetic.

    As GOP PARTY BOSS Bloom can use the good Pastor like he did in the paper saying “the Pastor” called Barack Hussein Obama to try and make people think our President is a Muslim. Bloom of course leaving off the title President as well. This is an old trick which won’t work. It is offensive to social conservative Democrats.

    We have been through these third grade tricks before. Social conservatives don’t like to be exploited or see people be exploited. Rauner had the sense to see this from a mile away and run in the other direction.

    Bloom showed his colors by only using Pastor Johnson’s name once in his ranting. Calling him his local African American pastor or just pastor wanting us to believe he speaks for all pastors.

    Look, social conservatives see that Bloom and Schilling and the rest of the gang are wrong on abortion and Gay marriage. They see that Schilling and Bloom are wrong on POLICY and that is what really matters to the voters.

    Schilling has 18 kids and is against abortion just like when he got beat by Bustos the first time.

    Schilling was against gay marriage the last time he ran and was beat by Bustos.

    These seem to be Pastor Johnson’s social conservative issues that you and Bloom are so excited about.

    These are losing issues just like they were last time.

    If these are not the issues important to “the locals” than please let us know what the important issues that THE LOCAL AFRICAN AMERICAN PASTOR is talking about.

  7. Smart social conservatives have put away these litmus issues that Schilling and Party Boss Bloom are trying to push down our throats. Our new Republican leader Bruce Rauner is pro-choice and his wife is one of the biggest supporters of gay marriage and abortion in America. We want is for Bruce Rauner to be our next political go-to in Springfield. Local RICO Republicans don’t get it and are losing ground. They should have had the sense to do what Governor Rauner did and condemed RICO political Boss Bill Bloom’s plan to promote hate-speech.

    Pastor Johnson may be a man of God, but he cannot pray us to victory, nor are we going to ATTRACT African Americans by adopting a new mascot. We will win by showing we are smarter and better suited to run RICO goverment than these people.

  8. The blow-back and fallout of this debacle is now being played out in the editorial page of the D/A—or in my case QCOnline.

    First there was a Letter To The Editor from a Geneseo resident and the caption told the whole story: “Rauner Shows Christians Why They Shouldn’t Vote GOP”. The commenters to this letter push back on the idea that Christians shouldn’t vote for Rauner because he dissed Rev. Johnson—why give Quinn a free ride when he is even worse on social issues. As Rev. Johnson said in my original link, 32 million Christians didn’t vote last time—if they had, Mickey Mouse could have been elected. For Christians to sit this gubernatorial election out over some slight is dumbassery on steroids.

    Then today in an Op-Ed, Bill Bloom again punches back twice as hard at the D/A:

    “After the [RICO Lincoln Day Dinner], I reached out to the Dispatch/Argus with two goals; to communicate my concerns with the lack of issues based reporting and to get the Dispatch/Argus to correct Pastor Johnson’s academic credentials. After several exchanges…I left these discussions with the conclusion that this story was manufactured…The people deserve to hear about really important election issues.”

    Good luck with that, because if “really important election issues” were honestly reported the press would be hurting their Democrat allies—and we can’t have that, can we?

    I’ve been following politics and the press for a long time, but this is the first time I can remember the press actually bragging about how they created controversy. Usually they prefer to claim they just sit on the sidelines as innocent bystanders.

    Hey, remember when Brandy Donaldson accused Schilling of “mudslinging” back in ’10 and Hare immediately took it up to beat up on Schilling—I mean, if it’s in the press, it must be true, Right?

  9. Julie, Jonhston thanks to your dishonest misrepresentation of my views and others, we are now free to view you as the miserable hacks you are.

    Thanks for being so lame, unsubtle and obvious—you’ve saved us all a lot of time!

  10. Schilling has 18 kids? I only know of 10 so if you have information about the other 8, spill yer guts NOW—we are panting with anticipation for a juicy Schilling scandal!

    But hilarity aside, as an example of your hackery you said I thought Johnson (the “mascot”) would help Schilling when I said exactly the opposite. There are other misrepresentations, but you get my point, I’m sure.

    On the other hand, maybe I’m wrong—you’re not a hack, just a person with reading comprehension problems. 😀

  11. More chatter on this in the D/A today. A guy from Bettendorf weighs in by saying Rauner did the right thing by fleeing the RICO LDD.

    Then there was this juicy bit:

    “The GOP should make it tougher on the Democrats! Avoid the fringe where elections are lost. Don’t be the ‘Crazy Uncle’ that makes us cringe. Develop new ideas that do not contain the words ‘tax cuts’, improve the Affordable Care Act or humanize the Paul Ryan Budget.”

    At least here at QCE, this is the majority opinion—of both Dems and GOPers.

  12. I went back and read your reply and I am truly sorry I misread it.
    I thought Schilling was with the local RICO people but I see you put him with Rauner as a stay away from the African American Pastor.

    Now for clarifications I assume Anderson is on the in with the Pastor.

    The question is does the Woz qualify since he has most of his district outside of RICO.

    Sorry for the mix up.

    I guess we could change the word Schilling for Anderson.

    Schilling having 18 kids was an exaggerating.

  13. Lets review Cowgirl.

    1) Billionaire Bruce Rauner V thought it a “bad idea” for RICO Republican political Boss Bill Bloom to align himself with a controversial zealot like Reverend Johnson.

    2) Billionaire Bruce Rauner V refused to appear with Rev. Johnson while RICO Republican political Boss Bill Bloom, and perennial Republican candidates Bobby Schilling, Woz and Neil Anderson embrace Rev. Johnson to their bosoms.

    3) After Daily Dispatch award winning reporter Eric Timmons covers the RICO political Boss’s plan, Bill Bloom became so rattled that he foolishly counter-attacks the media for daring to point out the obvious!

    4) QCE publicly declares that RICO political Boss Bill Bloom’s “new mascot” will not help Republicans win votes in the black community.

    5) The Crabby old white guys that control the RICO Republican Party form a circular firing squad and commence shooting.

    6) US Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin, US Congressman Cheri Bustos, IL Governor candidate Bruce Rauner V, IL Senator Mike Jacobs, IL state Rep. Pat Verschoore and Rep. Smiddy toast the idiocy that has engulfed the RICO Republican Party.

  14. Randy I don’t agree entirely with your #4. While I agree that running on social conservative issues is a loser statewide and congressional district, I thought the RICO GOP might make some inroads into countywide races by emphasizing conservative values. I’m thinking mostly about county board seats here, but also other county offices.

    As for the 71st, I was surprised to learn that more people voted GOP in the primary in Whiteside County than RICO which made me think conservative values might be a winner there—just don’t have enough information.

    As for 36th and 72nd—maybe not, but since I don’t know much about the redistricting, I can’t really say.

    I can’t defend either The Woz or Anderson’s positions because all I know about them is what I am able to see on their websites, which means you know more about them than I do.

    My main point, which must have been muddled in all the back-and-forth is that I believe the GOP should provide a home for those who hold traditional values. What bothers me most about this Rev. Johnson thing the most is that I never saw his speech and I don’t trust the Establishment Press to give him a fair hearing so I suspect they just pulled out the most inflammatory phrases from his books and went batpoop crazy with them.

    If anyone has video of Rev. Johnson’s speech, I would really appreciate a link here so people can decide for themselves about him without it being filtered through the lense of MSM.

  15. Julie, all is forgiven, but I can’t answer for The Woz or Anderson since I know so little about them because I was out of the loop during the ’12 election cycle.

    My guess is that they intend to focus on the economic disaster the Democrats have visited upon the state during the last decade and see Rev. Johnson as a Democrat-generated distraction.

  16. The longer I listen to the to the money-changer progressive mentality the more it seems that punching back may be the only way to get the attention of the progressive tax thieves.

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