As The Debate Turns Redux

A status on Bobby Schilling’s facebook reproduced a letter he sent to Cheri Bustos about the coming debates. After suggesting the respective staffs meet to iron out details and confirming a planned debate in October sponsored by WQAD and the D/A, he presented this proposal:

“We also plan to participate in public debates in each of the 14 counties in the Illinois 17th District. Debate is a historic part of the political process, but in recent years it has devolved into a battle of who can deliver the best five second sound byte. We’re looking to have a long-form, substantive discussion of the issues in as many towns as possible, especially in some of the rural communities that are often overlooked and forgotten.”

Gentle readers, when I read this you could have knocked me over with a debate prep book! While I certainly agree with the sentiment and idea, this is all too reminiscent of the ’10 debate debacle I described in a September 2010 post titled As The Debate Turns where I registered my frustration and disgust with the back-and-forth on the Hare/Schilling debates that never seemed to end and were in constant negotiations.

It is highly likely Bustos will reject this 14 county Yap-A-Thon, so then what?

Would it have killed Schilling to actually produce a proposal that was workable and realistic for these debates, rather than just trolling the Bustos camp?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “As The Debate Turns Redux”

  1. To make matters worse, then Bustos gets her press release printed in its entirety making it sound like she accepted the challenge, but in reality, not so much.

    I think it would be beneficial to the district if less time was spent taking “power couple” selfies in the office in full campaign garb and more time was spent strategizing and debate prepping so we don’t have a repeat of the last series of debates when I was assured when I checked in the day of, “oh don’t worry, we have a 30, 60, and 90 second version of that answer nailed” when in fact what would follow that evening was nonsensical gibberish featuring out of context hypothetical numbers.

    Ya know what’s helpful when preparing for debate? A competent stand-in for the opponent. If only the GOP had someone who debates for a living (a very comfortable living;) with decades of experience formulating democratic talking-points…

  2. Bustos accepted the WQAD debate. It is going to happen!!!

    I think this is a great move by Shilling! Bobby is my Congressman!!!!!

  3. Erik,

    You keep taking jabs at the schilling staff as immature and unfocused. Yet numerous times lately you have made fun of them and their hobbies, and bullied them on your Facebook page. (Pot meet kettle)

    You also keep acting like this know all political junkie. You’ve switched parties and failed to get 500 signatures 3 times now. (But at least last time you tried harder and forged signatures)

    So let’s keep the 3rd grade playground stuff at home.

    — Roger Thompson, galesburg Il

  4. Just think if Reyes had held his own campaign and his own life to such high standards…

  5. Sometimes in politics you have to play the cards you were dealt. You may not necessarily like it, or want to play the game that way….but better than merely holdin em and then foldin em.

    I think Schilling played his best five card hand and positioned himself to beat Bustos “Knish Style”

  6. What the hell is “Knish Style” and what the hell does presenting an outlandish idea like 14 debates have to do with playing cards?

    Really—I want to know.

  7. It would be amusing if Schilling did the 14 debates with or without Bustos. That’s quite a statement to the voters in those small towns.

  8. Yeah, that would be about as amusing as the ’10 Debate Debacle where Schilling proposed 4, then 3 then—what? Also lost negotiations on who would sponsor debates, who would be moderator, etc. etc.

    In my view, this was the one serious flaw in the Schilling campaign of ’10 because Hare played them like a tune.

    Looks like it’s live and DON’T learn as Schilling HQ.

    Hey, did they ever get adult supervision over there?

  9. We’ll see how everything shakes out. Hopefully you’ll be eating crow on November 5th, and honestly, I think you’ll be happy to do so. The tough love is appreciated.

  10. So you honestly believe Bustos will agree to 14 debates or Schilling will look like The Champ if she doesn’t?

    Fascinating—and please send me some of that awesome Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

  11. I would love for Schilling to be at all of these 14 debates with his staff and 15 supporters debating nobody.

    Or maybe Bustos can send her husband like Schilling sent his wife to debate for him last run.

  12. Yeah, this was exactly the same idea that was put forth in ’10—have all these debates and if Hare chose not to participate, well just put an empty chair up there in his stead. Optics Magic!

    Did Schilling really send Christie out to debate for him? Really? You mean just like when Lane Evans sent out Phil Hare to debate in his place because Evans was—um, busy? šŸ˜€

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