A NOTA Candidate Emerges

“[Galena resident] Bill Fawell has announced his plans to run for Illinois 17th Congressional District as the Constitution Party’s candidate.”

Fawell will have to get 14,000 signatures before June 23 to get on the ballot, and possibly survive challenges by both the Democrat and Republican Parties.

I agree with this:

“America is a nation ruled by its government, whereas our Constitution is written so that people rule over the government.”

But this makes me a little twitchy:

“Mr. Fawell also said he’d like to see a ‘classical gold standard’ introduced that would be regulated by a ‘public central bank’ instead of The Federal Reserve.”

But still, I hope Mr. Fawell gets on the ballot—there seems to be enough apathy/antipathy toward the two establishment party candidates—Schilling and Bustos, that this might at least give those people an alternative.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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