Riding Obama’s Coattails To Victory And Beyond

Rich Miller, long time Mike Jacobs pal, explains how Mike managed to win re-election in ’12 even though he behaved thuggishly on the senate floor and behaved thuggishly toward taxpayers by jacking up their taxes by 67% with a “temporary” tax increase that didn’t fix a damned thing:

“Having President Obama at the top of the ticket surely helped the Democrats last time [2012]. For example, Obama spent a king’s ransom in Iowa, which drove Democratic turnout in Sen. Mike Jacobs’ (D-ThugLand) district, just across the Mississippi River.”

But the good news for Mike doesn’t stop at him winning an election that had nothing to do with him and everything to do with President Lightworker, it reaps benefits for the Senator Jacobs/Lobbyist Jacobs father-son tag team:

Ameren Illinois seeking $206 million rate hike to help pay for its electricity power grid.

Gentle readers, as you know Mike is the Chair of the Energy Committee and his daddy is a lobbyist for Ameren.

Life is good for the Jacobs family—for others, not so much.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “Riding Obama’s Coattails To Victory And Beyond”

  1. Sen Mike Jacobs has been an outstanding Senator.
    Western Illinois University is reason enough to send Senator Jacobs back to his seat as long as he wants it. Now Senator Jacobs keeps bringing us projects like high speed rail to Chicago which cements his future. .

    Senator Jacobs won by an impressive 11% victory over a combat wounded war hero Bill Albracht. Albracht was as committed and hard working as any Republican. Mr Albracht fought the only way he knew how and that was full speed ahead. Mr Albracht lost by 11% and you are trying to say it was because of Obama?

    Wow it is odd that you are from Texas and can’t leave the great state of Illinois in your past.

    You truly don’t get that great accomplishments are what bring Mike Jacobs to to wins over six wonderful challengers even beating long time popular Democratic Rep Mike Boland by 10% margin of victory.

    Now the republicans are trotting
    out local republican punching bag Neil Anderson. Our local feature writer jonny Marx
    said of the Republicans are using Anderson and that they were sending him like sheep to the slaughter.

    Jacobs by 20%.

  2. I’m not saying Jacobs won because of Obama—his pal Rich Miller said so. Are you calling Miller a liar?

    And really—using the inane John Marx as a source? LOLOLOLOL

  3. Why wouldn’t Johnny Marx be considered a
    great media source?After all, Mr. Marx is a 30 year news man and an award winning journalist. Seems like Johnny is a lot more respectable resource on RI County politics than some self-proclaimed blogger claiming to reside in Texas.

    Cow, you are no Jonh Marx.

  4. Thanks for the compliment! The John Marx I remember usually wrote smarmy stuff about how wonderful his kid is, but I’m not surprised he’s won awards since this sort of stuff seems to be all the rage for “journalists” these days.

    Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts—but let me tell you how awesome my son is!

  5. A quick search of my incomparable archives produced these two JohnnyM gems—and there are many more:

    Passing the Buck and Triple Lutzing Through Auschwitz.

    Maybe he has been reassigned to something closer to “real” news, but the JohnnyM of old was a hokey hoot! That “Her trademark bright eyes and bubbly smile are lost in pained expression” Marx line from the second link still cracks me up! My guess is that Marx used to write for Barbara Cartland. 😀

  6. I have worked with Johnny Marx for years and have found him to be a remarkable journalist with immpeciable credentials. For you to attack Johnny in this way ignores all the hard-news stories that he has broken over the years. Not every reporter is winning a Pulitzer Prize.

    I remember Scott Reeder as reporter here at the DA before becoming a paid lobbyist, and back when Editor John Bydler was a relevant newsman. Now we have “ace reporter” Eric Timmons who knows how to follow a scoop. On thing is certain – reporters at the DA are JOURNALIST regardless what some blogmaster claims. By the way Missy where did you get your journalism degree? In a Crakerjacks box?

    Johnny Marx is a father, Alleman booster and talented local journalist. Johnny Marx’s ranks with Bill Wundrum, Barb Ickes, Chris Minor, Paula Sands, Jim King and other promoment journalist ledgends!

  7. So what? My opinion of Marx is as valid as yours. You are a colleague and I’m a information consumer—which counts more–and what difference does it make?

    I have a lot of regard for Beydler and believe me— Marx is no Beydler.

    But I do agree with you that Marx belongs with lightweights like Paula Sands, Chris Minor, Barb Ickes and Wundrum—all are columnists or talk show hosts except Minor, who has her own problems.

  8. Thanks for jogging my memory Mr. F-b. When I wrote the above comment, I was just thinking about when Minor was shacking up with the County Sheriff, but your comment made me search—again! through my incomparable archives where I found this little jewel: When Hare Is Losin’ He Starts Abusin’ where a wounded Hare who just became a YouTube sensation with his famous “I Don’t Give A Hoot About The Constitution” at the Kwincy Kerfuffle, ran to his media pal Minor who let him vent and make stuff up like Tea Partiers threw a rock through his car window, he got racist faxes, etc. Of course Minor didn’t want to verify any of this—that would kill a juicy story, so she just let him lie his keester off.

    Which he always did so well.

    Thanks for the memories Mr. F-b!

  9. It’s like when WQAD needs somebody to run with a super sleezy story they know who to call!

  10. First you attack the man who brought WIU to Moline, then you launch a hate filled campaign against local news legend Johnny Marx, and now you make hurtful comments about WQAD’ s anchorman Chris Minor. Other than to move TeXas, what have you done to move the QCs forward?

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