Closing The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted

Bobby Schilling at Friday’s Whiteside County Lincoln Day Dinner:

“If we don’t take back the Governor’s Mansion, if the liberal folks that have been destroying this state for years get a hold of it, Illinois is done.”

I know these Lincoln Day dinners are an opportunity for candidates to throw red meat to the faithful, but the sad truth, which everyone at this event knew was the time for the GOP to “get a hold of it” was 2010 ahead of redistricting, rather than 2014. Obviously state-wide offices like governor aren’t subject to gerrymandering, but the legislature is. While I hope Rauner is victorious in November, he will still have to face a leftwing legislature and supreme court.

But the Democrats have only controlled state government for a decade. If you want to see what happens when Democrats control a county for decades, QCOnline reports the sad, sorry, saga: “Property Taxes Increase While County Property Values Decrease. What’s not to love?

RICO Board Chair Phil Banaszek gives the standard tax and spend liberal talking point:

“From the federal government on down as far as the financial situation goes, taxing bodies don’t have anywhere else to go except to the taxpayers…Either cut back on services and expenditures or ask for an increase [in taxes ].”

So there you have it—taxing bodies—tax. A no-brainer, to be sure but you’ll notice The Philster isn’t promoting cutting back on “services and expenditures” since this might gore some of the Sacred Cows Of The Democrat Party—like unions, which get raises every year, whether they are affordable, or not.

As it turns out, the biggest raise in taxes is for RICO; they have pension problems (who doesn’t?), their liability insurance has doubled due to at least 10 lawsuits pending over prisioners, county employees and workers comp problems. And the zoo.

Of course the sad thing here is that while RICO is beefing up its tax $$$$ because of the declining property values, the schools are hurting.

Obviously all this is complex, but I’ll leave the last word to David Moyer, the Moline School District Superintendent who sees the writing on the wall if RICO Democrat tax and spend policies are continued:

“I’m questioning who’s going to have any money to spend on anything if the middle class population continues to shrink.”

And that’s it a nutshell—Democrat policies reward the very rich and the very poor—the middle class is on it’s own.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Closing The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted”

  1. Why do they rob banksthe middle class?
    Because that’s where the money is!

    All the talk of tax the rich is bogus of course … there aren’t enough to matter. Obama has admitted this but thinks it needs to be done as punishment.

    But the 100 million middle class (or whatever) are where the DC politicians really clean up, with state governments also milking them. Of course if Dem’s can kill the middle class, they can have their communist dystopia … just the thing our fore fathers fought against.

  2. This is a perfect why it is imperative to take back the County Board in 2014 (just like in 2012). We also must make sure to get Karen Kinney out of there and get Lazenby in office.

    If this doesn’t happen the deal might as well be done.

    At least we can sweep away the latest fiasco under the rug with a Broom and work on getting things turned around. I for one can’t wait to start pounding Lazenby signs from New Boston to Albany and to kick Banazek’s rear end to the curb!

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