A Clusterfark Of Epic Proportions

Bruce Rauner, GOP candidate for Illinois governor was scheduled to speak at tonight’s Rock Island County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner until he got wind of the “inflammatory” views of another scheduled speaker, Rev. Don Johnson.

The good Reverend is a black pastor of a Rock Island Baptist church who has, unsurprisingly, extremely conservative view on social issues and is especially incensed by Barack Obama who he says homosexualized the military, whose pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions and who, by promoting abortion is promoting infanticide. Among other opinions.

Rauner pulled out of the dinner so Bill Bloom tried appeasement by pulling out the Reverend as a speaker. Rauner still refused to appear, fearing the all-too-likely “media circus”, so in an amazingly boneheaded and dimwitted move, Bloom put the Reverend back on the speaking schedule, saying “I think Rev. Johnson is a great guy…He builds his arguments well and supports them with facts.”

Gentle readers, you could have knocked me over with a paperback copy of “Dreams From My Father”!

Because just as predicted, the “media circus” still came to town, even if Rauner didn’t.

Playing the favorite political game of “Denounce And Reject”, RICO Dem chair Doug House “has called on Bobby Schilling and the Rock Island County Republican Party to denounce the ‘extremist views’ of the Rev. Don Johnson.”

Gee, who in the RICO GOP could have predicted this Dem reaction?

I have some sympathy for the Reverend’s views, although I don’t agree with them, but good lord people—if political parties could be sued for incompetence and malpractice, The People Vs. RICO GOP would have been on the docket long ago.

There was absolutely NO REASON for this to happen—when Rauner pulled out because of “concerns” over Rev. Johnson, the entire RICO GOP should have had “concerns” as well.

Did they really think no one would notice—in an election year, no less?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on “A Clusterfark Of Epic Proportions”

  1. Well I’d imagine that the chairman could give “two sweeps” about if Rauner came or not. As long as the RICO County Board is there to rally the troops and we can defeat Kinney in November, everything will fall into place.

    Next time they talk to the media they should follow the lead of Colonel Klink.

  2. In all seriousness, it is too bad this somehow happened.

    The local GOP just got their rear ends handed to them on a silver platter. Two front page stories on QC Online and the usually light RICO GOP Lincoln Day Dinner has become a circus.

    Moderate Dems or Independents that would vote for Republicans in a mid term election possibly will SOUR GREATLY reading articles like this.

    Eric Timmons and The Dems — 37

    RICO GOP — 0

  3. Rauner skips GOP event

    By The Associated Press
    Posted Apr. 24, 2014 @ 12:47 pm

    MOLINE — Governor candidate Bruce Rauner (ROW’-nur) isn’t attending the annual Republican Party dinner in Moline because he says he disagrees with past statements of a pastor asked to speak at the event.

    The (Moline) Dispatch reports Rauner was to attend Thursday’s Rock Island County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner where the Rev. Donald Johnson of Rock Island’s Destiny Baptist Church was to speak.

    Rauner told The Associated Press Thursday he “strongly strongly” disagrees with Johnson’s comments. “President Obama is a great American leader.”

    The Dispatch reports Johnson’s books accuse President Barack Obama of “anti-Biblical” actions and that he “homosexualized the military.”
    Johnson declined comment to the newspaper. Calls to his church Thursday went unanswered.

    County GOP chairman Bill Bloom says Johnson’s no longer a dinner speaker, but added that Bobby Schilling and Neil Anderson held similar beliefs and would a strong case against Obama.

    He adds Johnson’s ultra conservative message made Rauner’s campaign “nervous.”

  4. It’s bad enough that the AP picked this up but Rauner actually said “President Obama is a great American leader”?

    Hey Randy, are you sure you didn’t pick this up from The Onion? 😀

    And what the hell is Bloom doing by telling the A freakin’ P that Schilling and Neil Anderson hold similar beliefs? Really? The Jacobs/Bustos attack ads just write themselves.

    Hey Bill—when in a hole, remember to stop digging.


    UPDATE: Hey Randy, give us a link. The two places I saw this AP story didn’t say Rauner said Obama was a “great American leader”, they also didn’t mention Bloom comparing Johnson’s views as being “similar” to Anderson’s and Schilling’s. If you don’t produce a link, I’ll assume you’re lying and you can say hello to Spam Hell. Put up or shut up.

  5. RIC GOP consistently living up to the stereotype. Well played Doug House. Bloom gets a pass. This speaking lineup has Steffen/Shilling holy water all over it.

  6. I do find it ironic that the very same night the IL Gubernatorial candidate refuses to keep his promise and Keynote at a Dinner event because there is a ‘radical’ conservative also on the agenda to speak for 10 minutes; Next door in Iowa the 4 GOP Senate primary candidates looking for nomination are at a venue arguing “I am the most conservative choice” before their voters in attendance.

    Yes, they are very different States in very different political climates. But what a stark difference.

  7. This would never have happened on Carpentier’s watch. What a great way to NOT move over independent and moderate Democrats in our area.

    This might be the beginning of the end.

  8. Gimme a freakin’ break Mr. F-b. According to the after action report at QCOnline, it was the D/A that tipped off Rauner about Rev. Johnson’s “inflammatory” comments. The local media actually created the controversy, then went batpoop crazy with it. Do you really believe this wouldn’t have happened with Carpentier in charge?

    Here’s the direct quote from the link: “Mr. Rauner canceled his appearance after The Dispatch/Rock Island (sic) sent his campaign some of the reverend’s written statements on President Barack Obama, abortion and homosexuality.”

    Don’t you think it’s fascinating that the local press is doing oppo research for a GOP candidate?

    I do.

    Also, from what I can tell, the speakers were lined up well ahead of Bloom’s election as chair—so wouldn’t the blame go to Steffen, rather than either Bloom or Carpentier who resigned ages ago to work on the Doomed Rutherford Campaign?

    Once it was out that Johnson was a speaker, Bloom was caught between a rock and hard place not of his own making.

    The fact that Rev. Johnson got a “standing ovation from the audience” shows how out of the RICO GOP mainstream you are.

  9. Out of morbid curiosity, who exactly decided it would be a smashing idea to invite Rev. Johnson to be a speaker at this event and who authorized his invitation?

    UPDATE: I found the answer to my question; it was Lois Frels and the Executive Committee which I believe was comprised of Steffen, Goveia, Albracht, Bauersfeld and a party to be determined that I can’t remember.

  10. I am so sad to hear that you are closing down your little blog QCe. I hope that it didn’t have anything to do with the melt down of the RICO Republicans last week.

    I for one will pray that your new home in Texas will help you move forward and aid you in putting the past in the appropriate place. I don’t see how holding onto your past is doing you any good It’s time or you to move on and write stories about your new hometown.

    Good luck Cowgirl, I hope you find better fortunes in the PATCH — I mean Texas.
    Don’t worry FLAWLESS isn’t going anywhere, as lightning doesn’t strike twice.

  11. Wishful thinking, chels, and as usual your “thinking” is based on emotion rather than facts. 😀

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