If You Like Your Illegal, You Can Keep Your Illegal

Yesterday at a meeting of the Illinois Immigrant Business Coalition, Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock came out in support of no employer checks ever for immigration status of any worker. His rationale was bizarre, to say the least:

“Without enough workers…the crops don’t get harvested, the assembly lines don’t run, and the manufacturing supply chain breaks down. Quite frankly, I think that if a man or a woman like their American job, wherever they were born, they should be able to keep that job.”

I understand why Big Business wants a flood of cheap labor, but those who are howling about income inequality need to shut up if they support amnesty for illegals, since this will lower wages.

National unemployment is 6.7 percent, yet Schock says there will be no one to run the assembly lines, etc. How does this even make sense? Only when you consider Schock represents one of the many gerrymandered districts in Illinois so he is free to say anything and bear no consequences.

This immigration issue is a perfect platform for revitalizing the GOP. As it stands now, the Democrats represent the very rich and the very poor with the middle class cut out of the loop. Amnesty hurts the middle class and if it comes down to Big Business vs. middle class, the GOP should go with the middle class.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “If You Like Your Illegal, You Can Keep Your Illegal”

  1. Good grief …

    So much for another “rising star” conservative Republican. His claim to fame was being so young when elected. Now he seems to be seeking some big money from somewhere by regurgitating leftist agitprop.

    Small farmers are hiring illegals? I think it is just Chicago sweat shops that have illegals, or maybe some discreet chicken plucking plants, for Illinois at least.

    “We should never forget, we are all a nation of immigrants”
    No … most of us were born in America … I’m not an immigrant, nor were my parents or grandparents. My great grandparents came through checkpoints like Ellis Island, where the uneducated or sick were turned back. They then made their own way on farms, they didn’t get welfare and free stuff.

    This phony moral equivalence that we are just like the Mexican illegals is such complete BS … only made worse by hearing it from Schock’s mouth.

    We actually would be better off if we only brought in legally, hard working immigrants from many countries, as needed. But the “browning of America” is openly advocated by the radical racist left, while any traditional Americans are deemed racist, bigoted, backwards, etc., for daring to believe our founding fathers had it right.

    We no longer bring the best and brightest only, but prefer any third worlder that can sneak across the border. Illegals are revered as superior diversified stock, while ranchers and farmers are deemed lower than the delta smelt or desert tortoise.

    Schock has apparently sold out completely … probably spurred on by some big donors. He needs to be primaried since he is in a supposedly safe “conservative” district.

  2. Agree about Schock—along with Schilling, he is a total disappointment. Looked at Schilling’s website for his stand on immigration—nil, nada, zip, zero. That is one hot potato, which is why I don’t understand why Schock made such extreme comments on the subject. Employers not being required to check legal status is so far out of the mainstream it should be considered a radical position.

    If Cat is still in Schock’s district—and I assume it is, it could be they put the pressure on him since Big Business is a major cheerleader for open borders.

    I had expected some softening of GOP positions on amnesty and immigration, but I never expected total capitulation!

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