Madigan Is Irrelevant

Capitol Fax/We Ask America conducted a poll which indicated “Madigan’s unfavorable rating is even higher than Gov. Quinn’s…”.

So what? As long as Madigan wins his district, he will be Speaker, so what was the point of this inane and useless poll?

Beats me, unless it was some sort of bait for the GOP to swallow by making Madigan the center of their campaigns rather that the important stuff.

And you know what the important stuff is:

**8.7 unemployment? Taxes!

**2nd highest number of people leaving a state? Taxes!

**Job creation behind 48 other states? Taxes!

**1.9 million living below the poverty line–up 20% under current regime? Taxes!

Illinois has serious problems but the Democrats have just one solution—Taxes!

So leave the character assassinations to the Democrats—they are the champs, and instead focus on facts and—Taxes!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Madigan Is Irrelevant”

  1. Hold on to your dreams Randy. The latest labor statistics (March ’14) show Illinois is #49 in the nation with 8.4 unemployment; Texas ties at #17 with 5.5, Iowa 4.5 and US 6.7.

    I guess if being unemployed is “Living The American Dream”, Illinois is heaven!

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