They Fear What They Cannot Control

Among the 7500 documents released by the Clinton Library on Friday was a little gem from 1995 titled “The Communication Stream Of Conspiracy Commerce”.

A juicy bit:

The Internet: The internet has become one of the major and most dynamic modes of communication. The internet can link people, groups and organizations together instantly. Moreover, it allows an extraordinary amount of unregulated data and information to be located in one area and available to all. The right wing has seized upon the internet as a means of communicating its ideas to people. Moreover, evidence exists that Republican staffers surf the internet, interacting with extremists in order to exchange ideas and information.”

The paranoia here is palpable—The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! How dare the “right wing” have the ability to “communicate its ideas”, since it is the Establishment Media that reserves the right for itself to filter all information in a way pleasing to the left.

The fear expressed in this report about the democratization of information has driven every Democrat since Clinton to seek ways to suppress and “regulate” it. So far, with little luck, but I doubt Obama will leave office without attempting to finishing the job Clinton only hinted at.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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