“Why Would Anyone Believe Them?”

So asks the spox for the Illinois GOP Senate leader, Christine Radogno:

“The only solutions Democrats seem to be offering is raising taxes…They promised that [the 67 percent income tax increase would be temporary and] it would pay the bills. They promised that it would get Illinois out of debt and balance the budget, and now they want to make the tax increase permanent with the same promises. Why would anyone believe them?”

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! doesn’t really seem sufficient here. Mark Archibald makes the case that these local liars—Pat Verschoore and Mike Jacobs, need to be given the heave-ho because they have NO credibility.

Because they lied.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on ““Why Would Anyone Believe Them?””

  1. What did state Rep. Pat Verschoore lie about? Did he personally promise you that he would not allow the tax to be permanent? Because you claim something doesn’t make it factual. Point is Verchoore, or any other legislator for that matter, has yet to break any such tenuous promise as none of them have even cast a vote on the matter. Who knows perhaps Mr. Verschoore will vote to raise the tax from 5% to 5%, but right now it is too soon to know what he will do. Didn’t your poor mother ever tell you the story about of the “boy pretending to be girl who cried wolf?”

  2. Starting to get a little nervous, eh chels?

    “your poor mother”—really?

    But whatever. Here’s a post I did March 15 of this year about Verschoore signing a No Tax Pledge. In the post I also mentioned that forever he had on his website that he would NEVER raise taxes—except when he did in ’10—then that promise magically disappeared from his website.

    Shocking, no? Verschoore is obviously one of those lying politicians you always hear about.

  3. So Rep. Pat Verschoore taking the state income tax from 5% to 5% is a violation of a supposed no tax pledge? Really? How about if Pat lowers the tax from 5% to 4.5%? Woul tuctiotn incre? Fact is, Rep. Pat Verschoore could raise te tax rate to mirror Iowa at 9% like lowa and still beat any of these losing, whiny lying Republican politicans.

  4. Gee, that’s really brave talk coming from someone whose party gerrymandered the districts just the way they wanted them with no interference from the GOP.

    It’s hard to tell how Verschoore, Jacobs etc. would do in a fair fight, but since this is Illinois, you’ll never have to find out.

    BTW, did the GOP ever pick someone to run against Verschoore, or did they agree with chels that Verschoore is just too damned awesome to even challenge?

  5. We don’t need anybody to run against Verschoore. As Broom has said we only need to focus on taking back the County Board (like we did in 2012) and for Lazenby to beat Kinney.

  6. You must be new to the area Mr. F-b, otherwise you would know that the 72nd is comprised of more counties than just RICO.

  7. Population of Counties in the 72nd

    Rock Island = 147,000
    Mercer = 16,000
    Henry = 50,000 (He has very small rural upper portion)

    Looks like you may be new to the 72nd map Queen Examiner!

  8. OK I get that RICO has the largest population—no surprise there, even though I am unfamiliar with the new! improved! democrat! maps, but even so, in the past the smaller counties have stepped up to produce a candidate to challenge the entrenched RICO Dems.

    Like that guy in Mercer who’s under indictment or something now—Bertelsen, or something, isn’t it?–who ran against Jacobs back in the day.

    If you’re not going to field a candidate against Awesome Verschoore, just say so—please spare us the parsing bullsh*t and sour grapes left over from the 16th.

  9. Lazenby is an elitist. “My husband is an attorney.” Thats how she introduced herself to me a few years ago. Weird.

  10. Even if true, so what?

    Lazenby has better qualifications and more executive experience now than Kinney had when she was elevated to County Clerk from union agitator at Seaford.

    What were her qualifications for the job of County Clerk except knowing the right people?

    Yes, I remember well the first time I met Kinney several years ago; she admitted she was just a hack with no practical experience, but would win the election because she was Phil Hare’s exercise coach. 😀

  11. 72nd has been exclusively RICO since 2012. That’s why good ole’ Verschoore can do whatever he wants, raise anyones taxes.

  12. If that’s the case, I do hope the good people of the 72nd enjoy their massive tax increases. If not, come on down to Texas, we have NO state income tax and I just learned that Nevada, Washington state and Wyoming have recently abolished their state income taxes as well as the other states that already have no income tax.

    You have alternatives to throwing your $$$$ down the black hole in Springfield—you make the call.

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