Deconstructing RICO Democrat Spin

I’ve already posted about the GOP side of last night’s election, but now I want to focus on the spin the Democrat Chair Doug House spewed last night via

Sez House:

“[Rock Island] County residents have shown strong support for the Democratic Party.”

Yes, they have “shown strong support” by voting with their feet; the ’10 RICO census showed a loss of 1.2% of population over the ’00 census.

“[RICO Democrats are] a more diverse party…We’re reflective of the county that we represent and that we live in.”

Obviously they aren’t “reflective” of those fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, and at least one black person on the county board doesn’t even live in the QCs—she’s going to school in Indiana. What about Hispanics, the only demographic growing in RICO? How many are “real” Hispanics, as opposed to faux Hispanics like Cheri Bustos? Where are the gay people? Where are the Asians? RICO Dems holding elective office are overwhelming old, white, male and unionists—is that REALLY diversity?

“[House] worries money may become a factor, with unions and the minimum wage under fire by wealthy Republicans [like Rauner].”

Gimme a freakin’ break here—Big Labor spends way more on political campaigns than any other entity, almost all of it going to Democrats, so playing the victim won’t work here—and House knows it. He’s just bamboozling the clueless rubes at the D/A.

The rest of us—not so much.

And the final spin:

“[Republicans] may have the money…but we have the numbers.”

They also have in place something better than money—Democrat controlled County Clerk offices which oversee elections. Illinois doesn’t have a voter suppression problem; it has a voter fraud problem, and as long as Democrats control this office, they will be free to produce fraudulent absentee ballots and other good stuff, to insure they win elections whether they win or not.

So please, don’t cry for Doug House; the RICO Dem Party has $$$$ AND the power to win elections, whether deserved or not.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Deconstructing RICO Democrat Spin”

  1. Who cares what the dems say. Bloom won and Lazenby is going to rule over the county.

  2. What needs to happen is we need to continue our momentum from 2012 and continue to take back the County Board.

    We also need to continue the fight to privatize Hope Creek and finally rid RICO of the Banazek dynasty!

  3. We must UNITE behind BILL BLOOM!!!

    And oust the troublemakers (Sweppe, DeWild, Kirik) who refuse to accept our Hispanic brethren!!!

  4. What are the alternatives? A coup? Riots? Abandon politics? Become Democrats? Go to law school?

    I’m sure my gentle readers will correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look that bad for the Schillites to me. Both the 1st and 2nd VPs are Schillites so it appears that wing of the RICO GOP will have a lot of influence.

    If not, there will always be the next election when the Schillites can try to persuade more GOPers that they are The Truth, The Light,The Way.

  5. Schilling doesn’t matter. It is Lazenby and county board candidates that matter. They will win it all taking out Kenny. If the voter fraud is not gotten under control then there will never be any chance for any republicans.

  6. Agree 100% Belle. I don’t know about the ’12 election because I was out of state, but during the 10′ election, RICO GOP did little to help Schilling, until late in the game.

    In prior years, including ’08 when the GOP fielded NO candidate to oppose Hare, they demanded candidates by self-funded with $1M in the bank. I have my problems with Schilling now, but I still admire his determination to work his keester off and do the hard work to git ‘er done even without the assistance of RICO GOP leadership.

    I don’t know what, if anything the RICO GOP did to help Schilling in ’12, but it obviously wasn’t enough.

    If the RICO GOP wants to help any candidate up ballot, they need to help themselves and make the party viable again. For too long it has been treated as a hobby and social club. I was impressed with Blooms letter, which mirrored your concerns exactly—and mine.

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