A Scandal In Search Of A Perp

Reliable RICO Democrat mouthpiece Randy Hauser left this dark threat in comments of another post:

“Bobby [Schilling] had better be ready to explain why he’s brokering ‘green cards’ to Foreign Nationals.”

I admit I didn’t know anything about the EB-5 visas that Randy was ranting about, but then I went to Wikipedia for information and discovered that rather than being some nefarious underground pathway for illegals, it was created by the federal government in the Immigration Act of 1990.

Radical, man!

In exchange for investing money in America, the government gives a green card to the foreign investor.

So what’s the problem? Bobby Schilling is working for a governmental entity that has existed for 25 years—what’s to explain?

Take a look at some of the other subversives, radicals, reactionaries and corruptocrats who are working with Schilling at the Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA), to illegally “broker” green cards to Foreign Nationals:

**Kraig Schwigen, former RICO Sheriff’s deputy

**Ky Boyle, associated with such shady underground groups as MidAmerican Energy, 3M Corp, Hormel Foods and Committee Chair of the John Deere Classic.

I’m no Schilling fan, but good lord Dems, if this is the best you can do to gin up controversy and scandal, you would be better off sticking with the cry of raaaaacist.

Lame on steroids.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

25 thoughts on “A Scandal In Search Of A Perp”

  1. It may be all the Democrats need with the whole RICO GOP power grab. What I don’t understand is why they can’t get behind the current chairman and get to work in 2014.

    Instead it is like junior high recess where one group wants to control the playground over the other.

    But hey what do I know. Lets elect a guy who’s 0-4 in elections, and is part of a breakfast club which I’ve NEVER seen at a phone bank, parade, or walking door to door.

    Who needs good puppets? We just need a HELLUVA puppet master.

  2. I’ll be so glad when Wednesday has come and gone so I won’t have to hear about all this Steffen v. Bloom crap any more.

  3. I agree with you there. I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s so frustrating to see the Dems uniting and working with each other while I hear people telling me to vote for Broom because

    “People don’t like Steffen” and “Steffen supports Schilling”

  4. Well if Broom didn’t bring up this crap editor, we’d write about something else that is equally “Illinois-ish”. But, does Broom bringing in Dems to the RICO GOP mean anything other than a hair-brained scheme doomed to fail? Speaking of failures, Randy Hauser needs some new clothes, much like his Emperor Quinn.

  5. OK, now I have a few questions:

    1. What is this “bringing in Dems to the RICO GOP” business? What Dems? How? Where?

    2. Randy Hauser is a real person?

    3. A reader sent me a Youtube of Steffen arguing against the “graduated” income tax proposed by state Dems. The presentation itself was well done and convincing, but since I had never seen Steffen in person I was shocked at how tired, drawn and unhealthy he looked. He’s obviously overweight, but has he looked this bad for long?

  6. I think it’s only fair to mention that neither candidate for Chariman would get a clean bill of health. Of the two, Steffen is probably the healthier one. (Just in case anybody is voting based on health)

  7. From what I can tell, I seriously doubt anyone’s vote will be based on health. I have never seen Bloom in person either and it seems he is even more geezerly than Steffen, although I don’t know about his overall health. Some 80 year olds are healthier than 60 year olds.

    But whatever.

    I get why young people aren’t running for this job; as down and out as RICO GOP is, it will need a full time taskmaster to get—or attempt to get it back on track.

    I was just surprised at Steffen’s appearance and was wondering if he had been this way for a long time or if it was recent.

  8. Come on qce, you know the camera adds 10lbs and unless he doubles as a drag queen I am sure he is not wearing any makeup to improve on screen complexion.

    I’d take a well done presentation over good looks any day. I’d also take a educated former military drill sergeant over a soft palmed corporate yes man for sure. Leader vs Follower.

  9. Sure is a lot of paranoia and defensiveness in the shillite camp—-lighten up Schills, this is only a blog and my question about Steffen STILL hasn’t been answered: is his puffiness and tiredness recent or on going?

    Besides, it’s not like this was some ambush video—he knew he was going to be on film so why would he not look his best?. I have already said his presentation was well done, but his appearance was a distraction—at least to me, since I had only seen photos of him in the past and his appearance of ill-health was a shock.

    Chill, Shills—chill!

  10. So it’s fine for Schilling to sell “green cards” to rich Foreign Nationals, but wrong of Bobby to “mule poor illegals aliens” across the lower Rio Grande valley?

  11. Since there appears to be little interest in answering my question about the duration of Steffen’s poor appearance, maybe Truman—or anyone will at least answer my question about Bloom “bringing in Dems to the RICO GOP”.

    Come on people, if you are going to make these charges and not back them up, you are no better than the Phil Phreaks and have zero credibility.

    Also wondering about Randy Hauser being a sock puppet, real person or just made up

    Information, please!.

  12. Just giving a tongue in cheek comment qce because that is what I thought you were doing regarding the weight of the Steffen. Pardon, I didn’t know you were on Mrs Obama’s BMI patrol.

    I read somewhere Steffen is retiring this spring. Maybe he can take a nap and work out before the tough campaign season heats up.

  13. OK, whatever Belle–I consider being overweight a serious health problem, but I accept your snark about me being on “Mrs Obama’s BMI patrol” for what it is—CYA.

  14. My problem is that you are concerned about Steffen’s weight but no concern about Broom’s health? After this video I expect an evaluation and serious concern for Broom as well.

  15. Incorrect. I was not “concerned” about Steffen’s weight—I was surprised, since I had never seen him in person.

    Steffen can be a fat as he wants, I don’t give a damn.

    I don’t give a damn about Mr. Buick either. However, comparing the two videos, I’d say Bloom is healthier looking than Steffen.

    But hey—look! A squirrel!

  16. Let’s have a weigh in…..Steffen, Bloom, Woz, Morthlands, Long, Reyes ect ect. Let’s see who will be our welterweight of rico. In their defense, we do live in Illinois, land of meat and potatoes. It’s not like we live in Texas where the weather is nice to exercise outdoors all year.

  17. I’ am first to admit I don’t know how the Tea Party will react to the news that Schilling is selling “green cards” to the highest bidder.. Perhaps nobody cares Bobby is selling “permanent residency” to illegal aliens?

    All this time I thought Mr. Schilling ran a pizza joint? To find out Bobby is involved in a Federal program rife with fraud and corruption is mindbogglingly! Democrat Congressman Bustos is going to beat Republican Bobby over the head with these sordid facts.

  18. I dunno Randy, I could be wrong but this seems amateurish for a campaign being run by an Obama operative.

    Team Bustos really thinks making a big deal out of the fact that Schilling works for a government program in effect since ’90 that rewards foreigners for pouring $$$$ into the USA will suppress GOP turnout?


    If so, Team Bustos doesn’t understand the Tea Party or the pro-business, free market wing of the GOP.

    But, whatever.

  19. You are correct Illinois Cowgirl, selling “green cards” to illegal immigrants is not technically against the law, but why Bobby Schilling would get involved in this scheme at all is hard to fathom.

    I wonder what the Tea Party and pro-business, free market wing of the GOP would say if Congressman Cheri Bustos sold American citizenship to an illegal alien for a half million dollars in cash? Hip-hip-hooray for Cheri? Kinda doubt it Cowgirl.

    But, whatever.

  20. I don’t see a problem either way—Schilling or Bustos, but I guess I’m just not easily outraged.

    Don’t know what right-leaning groups would say about Bustos peddling EB-5 visas—probably Zzzzzzz.

    Can’t really say—no idea.

  21. Bustos, Durbin, supports this and promised to help the company create jobs in IL.Senator Pat Leahy, and really nearly everyone in the government supports this job creating program including the President, as a matter of fact there were only 3 opposing votes the last time this was up for renewal in both the Senate and House . Job creation that actually benefits the country and cost the country nothing and it’s NEW AMERICAN jobs! What was the cost of every job Bustos claims to have created? Out of office Bobby created more jobs than Bustos did in office!!!

  22. I agree. Even when this first surfaced I just couldn’t see how it would get any traction; it creates jobs and it has bipartisan backing.

    A Win-Win!

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