The Dick Durbin’s War On Women

The Washington Free Beacon, among others, is reporting that the Dick Durbin, head cheerleader for the misnamed Paycheck Fairness Act, pays women on his staff far less than he pays men—to the tune of $11,505 on average.

I believe this bill was defeated in the Senate yesterday; the Democrat’s blatant hypocrisy and politicized nature of it was just too much for even the in-the-tank DC press.

But so what? Hyprocisy isn’t exactly breaking news in politics, so what I’m wondering is if Oberweis is smart enough to capitalize on this?

Probably not, since he has come out with a “compromise” on raising the minimum wage to $10.10.

Sen. Waffles is proposing that those age 26 and older can move from $8.25 to $9.00 in 2015, add another .50 in 2016 and 2017 with the proviso that municipalities are prohibited from raising the minimum wage over the state’s minimum.

There’s a lot wrong with this, but immediately the Democrat “youth” protested this was discriminatory, etc.

This is obviously going nowhere, but in the process, he has alienated a whole bunch of people needlessly.

Oberweis was always a bad candidate, but this tells us something unfortunate about who he is—it’s too scary for him to pick a lane, instead he chooses to straddle the centerline. He is probably correct that a minimum wage hike that high would have disasterous repercussions, but this is not the way to finesse this issue.


Author: qcexaminer

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