Shooting Blanks

In an effort to please his Big Labor paymasters, Rep. Mike Smiddy has sponsored a bill that would forbid state agencies from purchasing or leasing vehicles assembled outside the United States.

Naturally the UAW gave the bill a big thumbs-up.

But a spokesman for Government, er I mean General Motors thought this was a really stupid idea since Canada assembles many GM vehicles that contain union-made parts manufactured in the United States.

Snappy retort from GM’s spox:

“Somewhat ironically, given the genesis of this amendment, it would send a signal that the state of Illinois would rather buy a non-union Volkswagen Passat made in Tennessee than a union-made Chevrolet from GM.”

It also “sends a signal” to the people of the 71st District that it is folly to elect a man with so little real world experience, so ignorant of how things really work and is captive to powerful special interests rather than being a voice for the people of the district.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Shooting Blanks”

  1. The Woz weighs in calling this Smiddy bill an attempt to “distract from the real issues.”

    UPDATE: QCTimes reports that this bill has passed the House and moves on to Senate.

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