The First Illinois Diaspora

April 8, 1864:

“We have never printed such a number of auction posters for people who are selling out and going west as we have this spring. Some are leaving their families here while they go to look up a new home.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The First Illinois Diaspora”

  1. The Quincy area has strong German history … not sure how the Italian church and Democrats managed to control so much of city government for so long. But they switched to Republican last time … young business guy, instead of good ole boy Democrat lawyer krewe.

    UMR seems to have stopped blogging, with a final post of little confidence in the new mayor. Guess i’m sticking around till they tax me out of existence. Chicago is doing reverse diaspora by concentrating illegal aliens in Chicago, so they need my money so we can all be more “equal”. And I have to “donate” to overpaid, early retired, government working welfare ranks.

    They sent me a
    “Dump Pat Quinn
    Elect Bruce Rauner”
    bumper sticker, but I’m not brave enough to put it on the truck. Democrats are getting more and more vindictive, so if I don’t disperse, I may have to hide. I don’t have enough money to buy influence, but Bruce offers a little hope at least. 🙂

  2. There are a lot of plusses to living in Texas, but one of the best is that I no longer have to finance those corrupt behind-closed-doors union contracts where the politicians use taxpayer $$$ to buy union votes.

    We have unions here, but since it is right to work state, the unions don’t have the power to hold taxpayers hostage to their relentless demands.

    If I remember correctly from the last census, the only demographic that gained in Illinois was Hispanic. Everybody else was leaving, so the Second Diaspora is well underway and has been for at least a decade.

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