“If This Is All We Do, Then We Have Failed”

In a letter dated March 22, 2014, Bill Bloom announced his candidacy for Chairman of the Rock Island County Republican Party, saying the party must “prioritize the campaigns and issues which hit closest to home”.

While saying it was important to take back the 17th CD and win the governor’s race, the county board was where the real damage was done to residents of RICO and that they—and therefore the board should be the priority.

Stressing that Kinney must be removed from the County Clerk’s office, there was this bit of news I had never heard:

“Like you, I was shocked by the results of the last election and by the sudden swing in leads when the absentee ballots were thrown in.”

It is well known that this is how most voter fraud happens—by absentee ballot, but why wasn’t this made public? Why wasn’t local media informed? Who decided it was best to just shut up about it, rather than scream for a recount or examination of the absentees? Also, which races were affected by this. This is really amazing information.

Bloom continues by stressing the importance of giving the heave-ho to Smiddy, Jacobs and Verschoore and especially loosening the death grip Mike Madigan has on the House, but so far it seems it isn’t important enough to have a candidate for the 72nd at this late date. What’s up with that?

At the end he offers a word of reconciliation and olive branch:

“Finally, we have fractures in our party which we must heal. We have to draw on every resource. If you support me, I will do my best to unite everyone. Nobody will be left out.”

I have no idea what Mike Steffen is proposing, except more sermons, but I have to agree with Bloom that the major focus of the RICO GOP should be Rock Island County. For too long the RICO GOP has mostly been a social club, rather than a muscular political force. It can’t happen overnight because it took decades to destroy, but rebuilding needs to begin at the county level.

Rauner and Schilling all have big $$$$ behind them; Rock Island Republicans only have the RICO GOP.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

35 thoughts on ““If This Is All We Do, Then We Have Failed””

  1. No offense to Bloom, he’s a good guy, but this type of thinking is really misguided. This is a blueprint for complete failure. People turn out for top tier candidates, not county board candidates or county clerk candidates. Rauner will drive turnout, followed by Oh-Blew-It-Thrice (Oberweiss), followed by Schilling, followed by Anderson and Woz.

    It’s trickle down turnout. It’s definitely a thing. But the feckless RICO GOP knows nothing about how to win, only how to lose early and often.

  2. Bill Broom, is a capable guy and has a significant cadre of the RICO breakfast club guru’s in his hip pocket as well as Sputnick. He kind of looks like Putin. Go Broom! Don’t forget about the Woz, the shiniest star of the stars.

  3. So lets see

    Bill Broom’s record

    1. Loses twice as Lioen’s Campaign Manager
    2. Loses on Schilling’s Campaign as District Director
    3. Loses County Board Race

    Seems like somebody that can get the RICO GOP onto winning ways.

    If he’s really looking to “unite”, why wouldn’t he just get behind Steffen and help in the trenches get things done (Like elect Schilling, Anderson and Wozniak)? Instead we are wasting our time over Chairman elections (see how the Dems handle this) I’ve been to many of the monthly meetings and I don’t see anything wrong with the job Steffen has done? Yea he’s not perfect but he’s doing his best and learning on the go.

    I think in 2012 we learned that obsessing over the county board instead of the bigger races was a complete failure.

    Look back at 2010. Hurrison Wallace almost won the race for County Clerk w/out running a campaign. That was thanks to Schilling and the 2010 wave.

    So we should be focusing on making as big of a wave possible in 2014 and getting rid of all the bums, instead of obsessing over Karen Kinney.

  4. You might be right tiwwl, but I just don’t agree. As a Shillite you are focused on the Sacred And Holy Turnout, but why should ordinary people be deprived of choice on the local/county level just because Bobby thinks he deserves to suck up all the air/$$$?

    Even before Bobby The Prevaricator came on the scene, I was frustrated about the RICO GOP—the 17th CD is comprised of multiple counties—some with populations beyond RICO—let them do Bobby’s heavy lifting.

    HTGT, have you signed up for Obamacare? If not you should, since you have exactly the same IP as tiwwl, but your comment is obviously from your snarky frat boy personality.

    Please, get help!

  5. So what Mr. FB? You might be right but this is how I look at it; just you are a good basketball (or whatever) player, doesn’t mean you will be a good basketball coach. Just because someone has a less-than-stellar record in one aspect of any endeavor doesn’t necessarily mean they will fail in a different aspect.

    I don’t have a dog in this pony show, and I don’t know either Bloom or Steffen, but all the years I lived in RICO, I knew something was seriously wrong with the RICO GOP and it wasn’t because they weren’t spending enough time promoting Baker or Zinga or (can’t remember the other GOPers who ran against Evans) ???.

    I get that Schilling is your big deal, ticket to ride and meal ticket, but he ain’t all that for the entire RICO.

  6. But Broom is running for a position that the main goal is to WIN ELECTIONS. Something his track record is obviously POOR.

    What a hoot!

  7. I would say this QCE in defense of Steffen:

    This is his first term. He hasn’t had an election yet. He’s built up the party and recruited a lot of new PCs. The Bloom “breakfast club” group is the “old guard” wanting their power back. Let’s give Steffen a chance at victory in November before we return to what clearly didn’t work before.

    Also, the party has given very little support to Schilling in the past, while they’ve given plenty of support to local candidates. The Bloom stuff just seems like rhetoric.

    We can agree to disagree… but I do favor the trickle down approach to election success. It worked for Obama last cycle. How else does Shiddy Smiddy beat a bipartisan, likable guy like Morthland? A Rauner-Schilling led wave could really do a lot to help good people like Larry Holland and Dewayne Cremeens win their county board seats.

  8. Mr. FB so what? Do you really not understand the difference between running a campaign for a specific candidate as opposed to running a multi-level organization?

    Obviously not, but I’m not surprised either, considering your laser-like focus on your meal ticket, Bobby The Prevaricator.

  9. If Republicans want to become even more irrelevant in Democrat Rock Island County they should elect Bill Bloom. Everyone outside of the most loyal Republicans in the area realize Bloom is a buffoon.

    My suggestion would be to go young and re-building the party from the ground up. Long is a old man with no ideas and nothing to offer. Where are the young turks that elected Schilling. Don’t let these crabby old white guys scare you — take them out!!!

  10. tiwwl, thank you for your rational and intelligent comment. Sometimes moderating comments here gives me flashbacks to the conversations Examiner Jr. and his pals had in Middle School.

  11. If a Democrat operative like Randy says give Bloom—or Long, whatever, the heave-ho, who could possibly dispute it?

    Democrats For Steffen!

    Where are the Bloom defenders?

  12. Bloom is a prolific writer, a former Deere geek, and a good Republican but lets see if he and the “old tractors” have any gas?

  13. HTGT I believe the term for your comment is “damning with faint praise”.


    1. Will anyone explain what all the election day/absentee ballot agitation was about? You can email me if it is too—whatever.

    2. Explain why the RICO GOP shouldn’t be about—the RICO GOP rather than Bobby Schilling. How is creating a stronger more muscular RICO GOP hurting Schilling? Is he really that weak?

  14. I hate to break it to you Illinois Cowgirl, but neither Bill Bloom and Bill Long won their respective County Board seats. If these losers can’t win their own neighborhoods, how are they gong to rebuild the dying RI County Republicans? Deere contributes big bucks to local Democrats, so that avenue appears shut to the former “Deere Geek”. The question becomes: What would these losers do different than what they did last time (ran and lost big)?

  15. The thing about Bloom, Long and the other name tag wearing breakfast club members is that they want what the democrats have. With Long as the megaphone, their only plan is to become the RICO superpower so they can dictate how things are done. Remember their slogan last election? Clean Sweep! They want policy, regulations, self serving agendas and most importantly to “Be someone”. All in the name of aligning themselves under the image of Ronald Reagan. They are like the nerdy kids at school that had to start their own club because they don’t fit in.

    QCE, if you read Blooms letter to lead I am sure you must have read Long’s “I had a dream” email. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or make me want to put him back to sleep.

    Leader Bloom is not. You may not like Steffens sermons but at least he works his democrat off for candidates rather than stroking his own ego.

  16. I’ve seen a lot of talking/e-mails from Long and Broom, but to date no results.

    We want RESULTS not REASONS!

  17. Great YouTube clips S—-the call for a really futile and stupid gesture on the part of the RICO GOP just might turn the tide!

    As I’ve been moderating this thread, I couldn’t help but think of Sayre’s Law which states that “in any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues at stake.” Corollary: “That is why academic politics are so bitter”, which could also be said of the politics of RICO GOP.


    😀 @Belle: “at least he works his democrat off”

  18. Stuffin, Long, QCE it doesn’t matter. After Cheri beats back Bob “I need a JOB” Schilling the RI Republicans desire to win will once again cease to exist. All the quality young Republicans have moved on and all that is left is a bunch of crabby, carping old white guys who couldn’t win an election if their lives depended on it! At least when the young local Republicans were involved they elected a Republican Congressman.

  19. Yea…the young local republicans did such a good job for Murthland during the 2012 election. He couldn’t even hold a district drawn/conceded to him by the Dems!

  20. Randy I’m thinking the RICO GOP has already lost the “desire to win”. If I remember correctly (I was out of state by then), for the first time in decades the RICO GOP fielded a full slate of candidates in ’12. Now they are back to their previous fecklessness. One step forward, three steps back. Why did they fire up in ’12 but fire down in ’14? Schilling was running both times so your theory doesn’t hold up.

    I say the RICO GOP needs to be dismantled room by room and rebuilt from the foundation up. The future—if there is one, will be with the Young Republicans, although I think they should not completely shut out the geezers.

    But what do I know? I’m just an “Illinois cowgirl”.

  21. But the young republicans haven’t done much in RICO, except the whole circular firing squad thing. Maybe we can rid the dirt of Reyes and Long (Mr. Buick) weeds we can plant some new fresh flowers than can “Bloom” into something magical.

  22. You came THIS CLOSE to making it to 25 comments without mentioning Reyes in a thread that has nothing to do with him.

    Almost-nice-job, haha!

    Oh, and I agree about the top down campaign strategy. I think the RICO GOP should focus like crazy on Rauner and Schilling. Heck, Rauner’s coat tails just might be long enough to carry him to the winner’s circle and possibly a couple others as well.

  23. Well making fun of Reyes’ joke of a candidacy is like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes is better to shoot in the barrel instead of a circular firing squad!

  24. Well I’ll start posting about Erik Reyes when he finally goes away. All the RICO GOP’ers are too nice to say it, but nobody wants a candidate who was a Dem turned Independent turned GOP’er who can’t get 500 signatures from any of those three groups.

    Sometimes you have to know when to hold em and when to FOLD EM.

  25. Good point MP. I wouldn’t support someone that that was true of either. Too pathetic.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    – Joseph Goebbels

  26. Flea Bag you and the Schillsters need to quit worrying about Broom rather wish him, the Buick-Name-tag guys, also ran’s, almost ran’s, marathon runners without a number oops, petition, the best of luck! The RICO GOP needs hope. Hear some Dems tell that Bloom is making good overtures to bring them, the Dems over to the far side. Way to think outside the box Bloom! The enemy of my enemy is my new friend?

  27. Bloom is the guy. A leader is someone who listens to everyone….. that is Bloom. He will lead by following…… the crusty toast breakfast club, the lovely republican ladies of eternal distress, former candidate of the 17th…… hell he may even become as astute as Verschoore and make decision based off conversations with his wife and his dog.

    Ooh Stonewall the enemy of my enemy is my new friend. That is a beautiful saying.

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