Always Have An Exit Strategy

Illinois Review:

“Illinois Democrat lieutenant governor candidate Paul Vallas has taken a new job with a Chicago-based consulting firm…DSI Civic Financial Restructuring, which specializes in government and municipal restructuring and reorganization.”

Conflict of interest? Nah! He’s a Democrat so we know he means well and his intentions are good. Besides, one of the perks of being an Illinois Democrat is knowing you’ll never have to say you’re sorry for engaging in naked opportunism, crony capitalism or graft.

It’s all for the public good, baby!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Always Have An Exit Strategy”

  1. Public office is the “ENTRY strategy” …. the way to dirty money. Obtain public office by kissing babies and asses, watch the bribes roll in, do a lot of favors with selective hiring and misdirection of funds, follow the “Good Old Boy Corruption Playbook”, and finish out life as a well paid “consultant” or lobbyist. Easy Peasy … especially in Illinois it seems.

    Anyone close to the levers of power knows how to leverage big money for favors … as long as you bow to the right bosses. “It’s flucking golden” Blago and other IL governors don’t seem to figure out they aren’t in charge, so they end up in prison.

    Worldwide it appears leftists/communists are just organized crime with a foot in the doors of government. I don’t have it all figured out exactly (or maybe not even close šŸ˜‰ ) but I’m hoping the FBI does and is still civil and civic minded, at the rank and file level at least.

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